Ideas for using a cabbage

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  • Ideas for using a cabbage
  • hels

    My colleague just gave me some cabbage she grew in her allotment.

    I am thinking chop it thick and stir fry with curry powder ?

    Anybody have a better idea ?


    Colcannon as a side dish to a roast or slow cooked joint depending on the type of cabbage. Green/curly is better

    Soup but it’ll make you parrrp a lot


    Football? (maybe a bit heavy + presumes it’s a whole football cabbage)

    Coleslaw is the best use of a Cabbage i can think of.



    Have no idea how you make it but know that good saurkraut is amazing on a beef sandwich !

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    White or savoy? I’d say cut it thin and steam/fry, mix with butter and season with lots of pepper…. *is now hungry*


    It is half a cabbage – my desk-neighbour just suggested coleslaw I think that might be the winner – I hate shop bought stuff (salad cream bluueuch) and have carrots in the house, and have commenced a new controlled eating plan this week.

    Throw it at cats. Would’ve been better if it was still while but sometimes you have to compromise.

    Toast tsp each of fennel and cumin seeds, then grind them in a pestle and mortar with 1 or 2 cloves of garlic and a tsp of salt. Fry this in 2 tbsp of olive oil on a moderate heat for a minute then add half a cabbage, sliced finely. Toss this in the mix and fry for 3-5 minutes more, then add the juice of half a lemon. Turn down the heat, cover and leave to sweat for about 15 minutes. Really nice with a simple pan-fried or oven-baked fillet of salmon on top.

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    Sliced thin, stir fried with ginger soy and sake , or sherry will do. Served with thinly sliced steak stir fried in sesame
    Oil. Top drawer

    Put it in the Houses of Parliament? No one would notice, the place is full of them.

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    Layer cheese on lightly toasted thick bread. Add crunched pre cooked bacon and a few chopped onion bits. Put under grill until golden on top. Throw away cabbage and then eat your cheesy snack.


    Toast tsp each of fennel and cumin seeds

    How the hell do you get them out of the toaster? I’d say you’re asking for trouble there.


    slice to strips, add a little milk, butter and a load of pepper and some other spices of your chosing, boil, serve as a side with some venison.

    – Sound effects for slasher films.

    – Fry in sesame oil, salt and garlic until tasty (and all health-giving properties are proprtionally offset)

    – Start a traditional cabbage rolling festival in an English hillside village

    – Name it ‘Derek’ then carry under arm everywhere whilst talking to it as if boon companion.

    – Use as main ingredient for worst ever Breville sandwich.


    1. shred thinly, sauté in pan of hot oil and butter along with garlic and spring onion
    2. thrown in bin
    3. eat a pie
    4. get drunk
    5. sleep with your wife’s sister
    6. go to bed happy
    7. wake up with regret
    8. go for a bike ride


    If it’s a savoy style cabbage in winter months I basically do this:

    1, Brown lardons (chunks of fatty bacon) to get some fat rendered off them
    2, Fry sausages in this fat to give them a bit of colour
    3, Throw in cabbage leaves and put the bacon back
    4, Add in some thyme, bay leaf, white wine and seasoning
    5, Cook down a bit keeping an eye on the level of liquid
    6, Lob some peeled potatoes under the cabbage
    7, Once the spuds are cooked, eat, accompanied by the rest of the wine

    It’s not subtle but it’s pretty good


    sesame Oil. Top drawer

    I keep mine on top of the work surface. Not sure it’ll make much difference tho

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    Scoop out the middle and use it as a hat?


    Make Rumbledethumps, or cook in a saute pan with butter, bacon, onions and cream.


    Fry brown mustard seeds in hot oil till they pop then add fresh ginger and chilli, quickly add the shredded cabbage and then salt and tumeric. Stir fry it hot. Serve with chapatti.


    Fry bacon, cut cabbage finely, chuck in cabbage, throw in some crème fraiche, loads of black pepper, enjoy.

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    +1 for kimchi or sauerkraut, or slaw of some kind.

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    I hate shop bought stuff (salad cream bluueuch)

    mayo surely?

    Anyway, finely chop & stir fry with chorizo, serve with thick buttered crusty bread

    fire it out of a pneumatic cannon. like the A Team

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    Shred it thinly, add about a tbsp of cider vinegar, salt, pepper and tspn sugar. Make that into a dressing first. Very easy refreshing salad to go with grilled meat.


    stuff it!

    google stuffed cabage.

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