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  • Ideas for a bike build please.
  • Jujuuk68

    Might remember my last post here was about looking for a small steel hardtail.

    Just bought a 15.5 inch Dialled Prince Albert off Ebay for £100 – it was an one of the older run of early 853 PA’s. Going to arrive in “used” condition, ie ok condition but a few chips to paint.

    Plan is to have it eventually cheaply powder coated -I was thinking either

    British racing green, or possibly an
    Aubergine purple, or possibly more of a
    Rasberry red.

    Also thinking of a gold sparkle to the top layer? Or would that be a bit naff?Does anyone else have any great sounding colour schemes they think would be ace?

    Got gold hope headset and seatpost to put on it. also have gold ODI grips to go on it.

    Then I need to think about forks, brakes and wheels? Looking second hand, as its a budget build – the stem bars saddle and transmission will come off my old 99 Orange p7 to get going, and then be replaced part by part.

    What wheelset would suit me? Was thinking of 717’s, but wonder if I’d be better with new, budget rims like 117’s on cheapo hubs, for a similar price to s/h 717’a say with hope hubs. Are Hope hubs worth buying second hand over new budget items? Alternatively, would I be better with some slightly more heavy duty rims. Tbh my knowledge is 15 years out of date – so any recommendations listened to – Iknow nothing about this tubeless revolution -worth investigating?

    Also, what sort of forks would suit the frame? and if I go for new brakes, Centrelock, Shimano? or second hand, older,say Hopes of some description?

    I need idea’s! Cheers –

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I have the same frame, and use Pike forks, 140mm which are spot on.
    I use superstar wheels, Evo hubs, xc rims which are tough as hell in my experience, and I also have a set of AM ones too.

    I like the sound of the aubergine purple personally. 🙂


    I jink the red would work best with a gold metalflake. 1/717s are bloody narrow and will bend very easily. Go for some 319s.

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    YHM re. parts



    +1 for 717s being a bit narrow for a hardcore hardtail

    purple would look great (just look at the alpines) with gold bits. Just got my alpine done in candy blue over metallic silver, got the blue hope bits (pedals, top cap etc) to match, however parcel force have lost the frame on its way back from the powdercoaters.

    Have an Alex AM wheelset going cheap if you fancy it, also a full XT 20 speed groupset.


    I am thinking more rasperry or aubergine with gold flake in now lads, so thanks for that.

    I think I’ll look for slightly more rugged rims than the 717’s too, so thanks for the input there –

    Any good suggestions for cheap forks to get me going? My last purchase of forks were rockshok jucy xc’s in 99! I haven’t kept up with the ranges/brands since then really.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    I’ve got some reba rl’s that would fit your bill 😉



    If you mean purple then say purple or GTFO my internet!

    Red/gold gets my vote.


    Go for some forks that have a standard qr able as hubs will be cheaper. Reba’s at 120mm or older revs at 130-140mm will be fine. If you have the money for better hubs that can take a 15 or 20mm axle then look at old pikes or sektors.

    As for brakes, you can’t beat new deores for vfm. I have them on my BFe and they are ace.


    Hmm, getting a bit concerned –

    I did a “buy it now” for the frame 6/11.

    got an apologetic message via Ebay 15/11 advising seller had personal problems but it was all in hand. As of yesterday am, still no frame.

    I sent a message 3-4 days ago asking for courier details and tracking number, and no response. Anyone think I’ve left it long enough to raise an Ebay issue. Didn’t seem a scammer or a hacked account.


    Things might have changed, but if you leave it too long you won’t be able to raise a case

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