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  • Ideal Workplace Cycling Facilites
  • fossy
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    In the secure parking, our racks are vertical. It’s a plastic base pod thing with slots for wheels, then two steel hoops to lock front and back wheels. You can only lock your frame and rear wheel if the bike goes in rear wheel up, as the lower hoop is small. This is a big issue for many users as they can’t lift their bikes, certainly e-bikes.. This was raised when the facility was built 8 years ago.

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    Bike spaces – there’s a BREAM standard for this, dunno what it is, but exceed it. We have c240 spaces for an 800-1500 seat building. In current times, this is plenty. We have two levels ( stacked gas assisted storage) of bike racks, in a room that’s probably 15metres by 10metres.

    This storage is 5 metres from our allocated locker rooms (Male/female, mirrors of each other, + disabled in the middle). We have showers with changing in the same room, so you go to the locker grab your kit and pick a changing / shower room to do your stuff. If you’re not showering (end of day) there’s just about enough room to get changed outside your locker if nobody near your locker is doing the same.

    This works because not everybody starts and finishes at the same time in our place, so everything is staggered.

    There’s a couple of tool stations in the bike room, big yellow things with cables on the tools. Works ok for a quick fix (I fettled/reindexed my gears using their tools the other day) but the pump is rubbish, we have a separate track pump for that.

    In the locker/shower “complex” there’s a shared drying room, two rows of rails with attached hangers, radiators in racks. Sopping wet gear doesn’t dry fully at the moment as the heating isn’t on full blast, but it’s like a sauna in there in the winter (quite cosy when you coming from 2C temps outside 🙂 ).

    Everybody who uses a laptop has a docking station on their allocated (or hot) desk so they don’t need to bring in chargers / mouse etc. There’s secure storage available for hot deskers if they need to keep a laptop in the office overnight. We’ve moving to virtual desktops so all of this will hopefully be moot by the end of next year…

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    Make everything (bike racks, shower, towels, lockers) plentiful. Our nine story building has one shower on every other floor. 🙁

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    I currently work in a university. We have bike parking outside pretty much every building on campus (none secure, but we’re in a rural location and theft currently isn’t an issue. Saying that, I leave my bike in the workshop of my building). There are changing/showering facilities in several buildings, located throughout campus, lockers, and a drying room. I’ve never used the drying room due to it being at the top of campus, not near my office. However, I work in the theatre building, have a little portable heater, and tend to hang my wet cycling kit up to dry on a clothes rail in the dressing room with the heater pointed directly at it and it does the job. There is a comprehensive emergency repair kit kept at security that has a floor pump, spare tubes, locks, lube, tools, and various other items. We also have electric pool bikes that members of staff can borrow either to get between campuses during the day, or borrow for up to 48 hours to test out if they want to purchase an electric bike (either through cycle to work scheme or on their own). The pool bikes include a lock, set of panniers, and a helmet if you need it. So it is doable.

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    SRAM Headquarters

    – Great onsite gym
    – Great showers and lockers

    – Secure bike storage is lacking, I leave my bike in our test cell (which rarely gets used). There is a room next to the changing rooms which is currently full of crap and could be put aside for secure storage.
    -Somewhere to hang damp/wet kit to dry it, most people who use the showers/lockers are using the gym, so taking their kit home.

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    I got over the shower thing the first time I used one at my last place of work. A dank, wet cubical festooned with a load of others musty towels that’d looked like they’ve never been home to be washed, no thanks. A shower at home just before leaving and some wet wipes & a can of deodorant if feeling particularly grotty.

    Some way of drying kit is a must though, I’m lucky that I have an old drawing board behind me and a radiator to hang stuff on when it’s been a wet ride in.

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    I’m not at work today, but this is kind of my day job. I’ve just messaged you.

    In decreasing order of importance to encourage more people to cycle to work:

    Secure cycle storage with sheffield stands that can accommodate a wide variety of bikes (there’s a TfL document on what good storage looks like and why). By secure, I mean hard for people who don’t work there to get into, ideally well lit and dry. That storage placed close to the entrance to the office so people can actually find it and don’t have to wander round in the dark to get to/from it. It’s always nice to have a “lock rail” to discourage people from leaving their d-lock on the racks.

    I wouldn’t worry about charging infrastructure. Most offices come equipped with lots of sockets, and the average commute is unlikely to flatten an e-bike battery.

    Safe routes from the entrance to the cycle storage.

    Changing and storage space. Somewhere for people to safely put their riding gear to dry during the day and know it’s going to be there when they come back. Enough of it that you don’t worry about there being space for them when they arrive. Good drying facilities are nice, but can be expensive. Showers are also good, but can be pin to get installed.

    Good signage that tells people where the facilities are. You’d be amazed how many people don’t knwo what facilities they actually have at work. And, seeing signs to the storage encourages people to try it for the first time.

    Route maps for how to get to your site from a variety of common places. Not knowing how to get to work safely by bike is a big obstacle for people.

    Pool cycles are a nice to have but they can be very expensive, a pain to look after and poorly used.

    Those are my initial recommendations

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    Good point on the cubicle thing. Changing after drying in a wet humid cubicle is rubbish. Always worried someone may come in when changing in the communal areas as it’s unisex.

    Also never enough hooks. skanky towels occupying each one.

    Best thing i did was to buy a motorbike.

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