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  • richardk

    Anyone use an ID tag, band or similar when out riding? Realised today that when I’m out, even though I mostly have a phone with me, then there is no way to identify who I am (my phone is PIN protected due to work security requirements so you can’t get into it and find an ICE number).

    Road ID is most obvious solution, but I’ve also found Vital ID where you can write the details yourself.

    Any other solutions?


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    Road ID here, but you’ll get a mix of responses ranging from, ‘yes it’s a good thing to do’ to ‘it’s useless don’t bother’

    Just do what you want to do


    Yep, I carry a utag id, put it in a usb slot, update details, take out, that’s it. Used a lot by motorbike riders, so I understand.


    RoadID, I was a bit sceptical that nhs hospitals would have anything to plug a usb stick into, but might read.


    piece of laminated paper in your bag? Name tag in your undies?

    I’m not sure a special product is needed as a solution. If you have any special medical requirements like allergies, diabetes etc. then maybe carry one but again, I’m not sure how much attention doctors in A and E would pay to blood type etc. and would treat you as every other casualty.


    I have one from which was pricey (£21) but i like it and its well made. It ahs space for 6 lines so a few phone numbers, name etc. I put my blood type on there too, and whilst i appreciate that the paramedic/hospital would do a test first to confirm before anything serious, putting infomration like allergies etc on it is important as the first on the scene will check for ICE tags now they are becoming more popular.

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    Not sure if this is any use to you but there is the Ride ID app that allows you to save it a screensaver so no need to unlock the phone.

    Dog tags here ever since I knocked myself out on easy trail. If I had been alone, It might have been a different outcome from the favourable one I had.


    Used to wear a medi tag ID bracelet as I am diabetic/asthmatic and on a stack of meds. Trouble with the metal ones is that they can be a pain, literally are super cold in really sub zero temps, leave filthy blackmarks round your wrists but most of all, everytime your meds get changed or added to you have to update the strip of paper inside and its full!!
    I have just seen the rubber medi bands and may just buy one of those and the indellible pen that you write on it with just the basics. To be honest everyone that I ride with (I think ) knows I am a sickly child and that I always have emergency stuff in my pack. I would therefore recommend the rubber ID bracelets over metal bits and bobs.


    Medic Alert id bracelet – but I went for the ‘urban’ one which is a velcro strap…intended on just wearing it biking but after 2 years it is a permanent fixture on my wrist – never had to use it, but happy to have it.


    RoadID bracelet here! Also a sticky label in my helmet. It won’t save my life but it reassures my family when I’m out alone.

    BTW Welsh NHS hospitals will only accept encrypted memory sticks.


    Driving licence is always in my wallet, and that is in my jersey pocket when I’m out riding.

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    I have one of these safeTband things on my Camelbak. There aren’t many Swissies here in the US to get uptight about how it looks like their flag…


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