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  • dabble

    Just get his albums, it’ll cost about 20 quid for the lot off itunes, you can then decide yourself and make your own “best of” compilation.

    He is a genius lyricist and guitarist and some of the tracks that are less well known are better than some of the “hits”.


    American IV

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    While I agree to an extent, “20 quid for the lot” might be pushing it a bit. 🙂
    Albums are the way to go.
    My picks for starters are
    Essential Johnny Cash (the Sony one)
    Folsom Prison
    American Recordings (the first in the series)
    Highwayman. Might be a group, but it’s still essential, I reckon.


    all the American Recordings albums are amazing, then just start your way through his stuff on itunes like dabble said.


    Johnny Cash that is but there’s so many ‘best of’ albums – so which one is the best of?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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