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  • ICT question – mailbox properties in O365
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    Hi all

    At work we use an enterprise version of O365.

    In Outlook, I have a colleague with her standard email (firstname-lastname@organisation) who has asked the ICT team for an additional mailbox to manage emails for a big project (xxx-project@organisation)

    She has the two mailboxes visible in her Outlook window, but has today asked me (I am loosely associated with ICT) if the settings can be different for each mailbox. For example – set the project one to send read receipts but not her primary.

    Her other issue is that when she replies from the project mailbox, it automatically puts her response in the sent items folder of her primary – meaning a lot of manual moving of emails.

    We have only just moved to 365, so in fairness to the ICT guys they are having to learn of lot of stuff…any fixes out there for this type of issue?

    One thought was to set up the project name as a new user on our Active Directory – but there will be a licensing implication with this.

    Thanks for any help

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    Do you have to use the Web UI? Could be easier to download it in to outlook and do it that way.

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    Not sure, we log on to our machines and open the app through programmes…

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    I stand to be corrceted, but think the additional AD account is needed here – you can have ailiases (as you do now) but seperate mailboxes need a licence each (probably).
    For instance me@ and info@ both come to me@, but if i send a reply it is always from me@.
    In outlook (i.e. opening though programmes as you are doing) you can set the behaviour of read reciepts (file>options>mail>tracking).

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    Assuming you are using the desktop Outlook to view the emails then different profiles in Outlook would give you different settings, however if you need both email accounts open at the same time then this won’t help.

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    Brill, thanks…ill send that link over to them

    Thanks all

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    I think it’s simpler than that (not sure the shared inbox link is right, this isn’t a shared inbox if I understand the OP, just a second mailbox account).

    I don’t think it’s possible from within the desktop program: you could set up rules within there for replies specific to a ‘sent to’ address, but they would only work if Auto replies were on, which is global for all mailboxes within the profile I think (pretty sure).

    However, if you log in to each mailbox at then you could set auto replies for each mailbox there, setting them on or off individually.

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