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  • monkeyboyjc

    only mum’s go to Iceland.


    Risk taking a hacksaw to the Scott

    You’ll only be taking the saw to the post, shirley?


    I’m assuming the frame is alloy and the post is steel? Have you tried heating and cooling to release the post a bit as this may give some movement that can be worked on?

    My bike bag will take a frame with a seat post (no saddle) in it, if I remove the chainset?

    Unless you want a new frame of course, in which case I reckon it’s stuck solid


    Iceland is on the High Street, its not that gnarly (mebbe an uneven paving slab or two).



    Nope Aluminium seat post, carbon frame.

    Bike is large, and I’m 6’2 so it will be pretty big even with the saddle off.

    Of course I’d love a new frame… so maybe I’m just making excuses 🙂

    Didn’t hear those comments last time I went either 😉


    I am planning a trip to Iceland for a spot of volcano riding. Later this month 🙂

    I have been before, and hire bikes over there are all set up with brakes the opposite way round. This lead to a couple of OTB moments. Besides a low end Trek with pogo stick forks really didn’t allow me to enjoy the ride to it’s fullest.

    So this time I want to take a bike. However I have a slight problem…

    My 2006 Scott Genius has the dreaded stuck seat post, so I won’t be able to take pack it. Everything else on it is fine. The local bike shop have tried one go at getting it out, leaving only the hacksaw method left 🙁

    So I could take my On-One Whippet, but TBH it’s built up pretty light, and I’m slightly concerned knowing the sort of terrain..

    Now I don’t really want to spend a shed load on a new bike (I’m waiting for the Fat Bike, which would have been perfect 🙂 )

    So the choice is:
    – Risk taking a hacksaw to the Scott
    – Buy a new frame and swap over the bits
    – Take the Whippet

    As the first option may lead to the second anyway, I am now looking around at potential frames.

    Currently catching my eye is the Titus FTM bundle for £799, (Though the 2011 Scott Genius frame from Evans @ £1400 seems a good deal, and I’d stick with something that should be broadly comparable.)

    Any other suggestions greatly welcome


    Not sure if you wanna hear this as you clearly want to spend some cash on a new frame but with my DHB bike bag ( big red and black thing) I can get bike in without taking seat post out just taking wheels off…

    Riding in Iceland is great …!/2009/06/iceland-roadtrip-words-and-riding.html


    Order a bike from Wiggle, ride it over there without breaking it and then return it under their 30 day policy when you get back.

    b r

    Lowest risk – pay your LBS to remove the seat post?


    Ask them to swap the brakes round would be my suggestion


    Or take your own brakes, if they have lock on grips it’s a 5 minute job to swap them over

    Premier Icon boltonjon

    I’ve got a unridden 50cm Lapierre Zesty frame for sale – its a 2011 314 model, supplied to me back in May as a warranty replacement

    Silver & black and rides like a dream – perfect for volcanoes!




    Read your blog, since your trip I suspect prices have fallen massively, in case you fancy a repeat trip 😉

    I went pre-banking crash and it was £12 for a beer.

    Last year it was £4!!!

    P.S. I’ve ordered a DHB bag, even if it doesn’t fit I needed one anyway. Fingers crossed

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