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    Has anyone done any biking / camping there? I’m heading over for a few days in the summer. I’d be interested if anyone has some ideas for “must do” rides or good tips for visiting.


    Check out issue 71. Fantastic landscapes, but didn’t take the bike when I went, sadly.


    I rode across a few year back – it is a great landscape. I wouldnt say true singletrack (more endless gravel, ice, rock etc – obviously there are no trees), but well worth it. You should check out the icelandic mountain biking club – crazy guys!


    Been 3 times and last time took the bikes. Fantastic place. Distances are big between sites though. Took my Discovery in 2007 on the ferry and it was the best holiday ever, crossing the barren interior twice…

    It was a bit if a shock when we took the bikes in 2010 though (They stopped the ferry at the end of 2008). Once you are out of the Reykjavik/Keflavik region, it’s a long way to anywhere, especially on a bike. If I did it again, I would seriously consider taking the bus to cover greater distance so you can get more sites and rides in. Having said that, I had not done any proper training so fitness was not super.

    Camping is easy. Lots of camp sites that all seem to be cheap and wild camping is fine as long as you are 100mtrs away from cultivated land. Water is pretty accessible. We managed with 2 750ml bottles each and some sterilising tabs.

    I decided that it was a delicate balance between having a great, relaxing holiday, or putting yourself through a two week endurance ride.

    I would do it again tomorrow without hesitation. Love the place!!



    I’ve not been as a rider, but I can’t recommend it highly enough. Cool people, alien landscapes, odd food – love the place.


    I thought I remembered this:

    Iceland: Riding On The Moon


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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