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  • Ibis Ripley or SC Tallboy LTc?
  • Premier Icon Lucas

    A nice choice to have! but a difficult decision.

    I have tested both, LTc in the Lakes, Ripley in Cannock so the terrain is a bit different. Both are ace, Ripley was great at climbing, cornering and getting on the power (it flies). I tried it with 120mm forks, ideally I’d have 140mm so I worry this might make the front wonder a bit on steep rocky climbs. I also don’t know how this bike will be on a typical rocky lakes decent.

    The LTc was also great – stable and fast; ride it over anything. Probably not quite as stable in the corners and not as easy to stand up and stomp out of corners.

    Ripley has a push fit BB, SC is normal (I like), Ripley’s cable routing is not as sensible.

    it will mostly be ridden in the Lakes, Peaks and Cannock (plus a trip to the Alps).

    Can anyone help me make up my mind?


    Ibis! Great little company.

    You can email direct and often get replies from Scot Nicol if you have any issues. I think the DW link is better than VPP (personally)


    Get the bike that suits the terrain you will ride the most, at the moment that’s the LTc, better the devil you know 🙂 Check out the bikemag bible of bike tests video on the Ripley on YouTube, it corroborates what you’ve said from what I remember.

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    get the Carbine 😉

    Premier Icon thomasgeorge

    +1 for a carbine. Mine should be here next week 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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