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  • julians

    Cheers, they’ve updated that since I last looked a year or two ago.


    Does anyone know the specs of the bearings on an IBis mojo HD?

    mine are starting to sieze.

    I also thought these were supposed to have angular contact bearings? I didnt notice any in mine when I took it apart, unless the angle of the contact was so shallow as to be not noticeable.


    for anyone elses info the bearings required for a Mojo HD are as Follows:-

    HD Lower Link:

    2pcs: 28mm ODx15mm IDx7mm wide radial cartridge bearing: 6902RS
    2pcs: 26mm ODx15mm IDx10mm wide dual-row angular contact cartridge bearing:specs match DR 1526 LLB

    HD Upper link:

    4 pcs: 8mm IDx22mmODx7mm wide radial skateboard size cartridge bearing: 608-2RS

    I’ve managed to find all the bearings except for the 2 angular contact bearings, they seem to be an odd size.

    Does anyone know of an online supplier that will sell this size bearing, aI’ve trawled the top matches on google,but they dont seem to do a bearing in this size.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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