i9 Torch hubs worth it over Hope pro 4

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  • i9 Torch hubs worth it over Hope pro 4
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    Im after some new wheels and the Industry 9 torch hubs have caught my eye…and ear!! Are they significantly better made and reliable over Hope hubs??

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Are they significantly better made and reliable over Hope hubs??

    Is anything?


    I haven’t had any experience of i9 but I wouldn’t bother, you can get Hope spares in most places. Hope stand by their product and have excellent customer service.

    Is there much difference in price?

    I have em and love em. Came on my Hightower so bought some more with my second wheelset so it was easier to swap. No issues at all so far. Have been used and abused over winter with no bearing issues at all.

    They’re VERY noisy !

    Unsure they’re any better or worse than Hope – think they’re lighter if that matters and make a much more noticeable buzzzzzzz

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Samuelr about £200….

    Hughjayteens….I know this isn’t a popular opinion but it’s the noise I really like….


    FWIW I’m moving back to Shimano for hubs – based on my own experience and VFM.


    I’ve I9 hubs on the fat bike and Hope hubs on my hardtail. I’ve done 1200km on the fat bike but it was second hand and the previous owner had probably done twice that – have had to fully rebuild the front hub.

    So far I’ve done 10,000km on the Hope hubs (Pro 2 Evo) and not had to touch them.

    Used Hope Bulbs, Pro 2, Pro 2 Evos and most recently Pro 4s.

    I have just moved to i9 torch.  Very nice, pick up is way better and spare parts are easy to get hold of from JRA in York.

    Premier Icon Wookster

    Thanks all, adds a bit to think about.


    Weirdly this last weekend I was thinking hubs for a new build. I echo onionroute above with Shimano .

    Only hub brand not to fail me and I only realised this recently. I’ll be dynamo (hum) up front and probably 105 out back. Reckon that will do me at least 2 years in all weather with little maintenance .

    <span style=”font-size: 0.8rem;”> As for the OP, go for Hope. Back up is there, if you need it .</span>


    Have had the road classics for a couple of years which have been pretty decent, couple of bearings changes including winter use.

    I know it’s not the same as off-road but they’ve been pretty decent if that helps.


    I have i9 torch.

    I prefer the sound to the Hopes.

    Had to replace the outer bearing in the rear after about 7 months, which was a bit disappointing.

    However the bearings can be replaced tool free using the axle, which I liked.

    Other than that they’ve done around 18 months with no other maintaining and around 2500 miles in all conditions.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Having had both – unless you’re planning a low weight wheelset and want to use the proprietary straight pull aluminium  spokes (rainbow for the win) – no.

    The i9s are no better sealed, nor better built than the Hopes.  The anodising is nicer and lasts longer, but as they use cartridge bearings, I really cant see what you’re paying for  there’s nothing unique or even that special about them.

    Chris Kings are heavier than both but last forever, have nice anodising, better engagement (in feel, not speed) and a better sound.   Both I9 and Hope are easier to convert between standards than CK, but only due to cost.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill

    2 sets if i9 hubs here.  Both been very reliable, I had to replace a couple of bearings in the rear after 2 years, so no worse than other hubs I’ve used (Hope, AM Classic etc).

    I really like the near instant engagement of the freehub.  On tricky climbs it’s really advantageous.


    I’ve had 2 sets of i9’s and reliability has been terrible on both. Frequent bearing changes, a free hub body that likes to fall off when you take the back wheel out and non-existent support from the importer means I actively avoid them. Shame as they do look pretty and I like the sound.

    persoanlly I’ll go hope every time.

    Or try DT Swiss 240’s better than both i9 and hope


    Echo the above underwhelmed experiences of i9 hubs. Had one set and had to replace bearings more regularly than any hopes I’ve had. Pro’s – look nicer, lighter, engage quicker, sound nicer. Cons – more expensive and less reliable (ime). Not a hope fan boy, but for price, durability and general fit & forget I don’t think they can be beaten on hubs

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