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  • Jase

    Sad day Carl but given the choice I’m sure we’d all like our dogs time to come to an end the way Toby’s did.

    Take care.


    Very sad to read this. Think of the good times, care for him and then let him pass on with dignity. The irony of dog ownership is they become part of your family, they become your best friend, they become one of your children and then too soon they’re gone.


    Well that’s brought more than one tear to my eyes 🙁


    Genuinely sorry for your loss. Despite the fact that mine is a total shitbag who hates me, I’ll be crushed when he goes…


    Very sorry to hear that. At least he fell asleep at home and would have known nothing about it.


    Very sad for you guys.
    Dogs = brillant.

    Really sorry to read of your loss. Furry children really can become your best mates through all kinds of things in life.

    As those above have said, am glad he passed away in his sleep. Better for him and for you.

    Remember the good times …


    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    Our Ridgeback Lily was PTS due to organ failure at the age of 13 in October 14th 2011, was a tough thing to do but it was best for her so she did not suffer.

    We took on a rescue dog Katie a JRT in December 2011 after her owner died, not as a replacement but company for my Mum and Dad. Dad passed away at the end of April so it was a good thing we took Katie on as she has been good company for her.

    Will get easier with time.

    All the best



    Been there, done that 3 times in the last few years. Be proud that you can let him go if thats what it needs.

    Premier Icon bruk

    So sorry to hear about Toby’s passing. Sounds like he had a great life and was fortunate enough not to suffer near the end. Time to put a scrapbook of his photos together and reminisce over the good times.


    Been following this post OldGit, really sad to hear the news my friend. My thoughts are with you as I know exactly how it feels. Chin up bud, he wouldn’t want you upset. Take the happy memories and cherish them!


    Cheers guys.

    What do I do with the Pizza crusts now?

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    What do I do with the Pizza crusts now?

    Dibs please.

    Also, he’s clearly talented with his weedkiller(?)-on-nose balancing technique.

    Very sorry on loss, but equally happy you’ve both enjoyed so many years together.

    Premier Icon bruk

    Pizza crusts equals a new rescue dog or puppy 😀


    So sorry to hear this, it’s heart breaking when they go.


    hayfever is back again.

    I’m really glad the old boy went peacefully in his sleep.

    If our dog gives us the joy you obviously had with yours i’ll be a very lucky man.

    Premier Icon unklehomered


    Sorry dude, not much more to say, I still remember the last time had a dogless house. Very sad.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Truly sorry for you OP. Toby looked beautiful in your picture and I can only imagine he pleasure he gave you every day. I don’t have any words that will make you feel better bit he sounds like he has had a great life with you and all dogs need to be happy are owners that love them…

    Strange to mention it here but my dad asked for his ashes to come back to our family home when he died – strange because he and my mum had been divorced nineteen years. It turns out that he wanted the ashes of our dog scattered at the same time as his and she died nearly 16 years ago… It’s a funny thing how these creatures make us feel and what they mean to us eh…


    Sounds like he went in the best possible way. It’s only sad that dogs are with us for such a short time. But hey, they leave a lot of happy memories.


    My condolences oldgit, sad times.

    There’s a good home awaiting a lucky dog.


    Premier Icon oink1

    As has been said, my condolences oldgit, sad times indeed. He looks so much like our old dog ‘Flush’ (Mum named him!). When i used to sit at the bottom of the stairs to put my shoes on he’d manage to squeeze himself onto the bottom stair underneath your legs which he still did to the end, although by that time he’d only get one back/front leg on – the other two on the floor propping him up! He ate a CD of mine, a pair of DM steel toecaps (not completely), a headphone cable and one morning sauntered into my bedroom to say hi, looked at me, p155ed on the floor then spun round and left. Always there at the back door when I came home at stupid o’clock pleased to see me with his tail wagging. He was my friend because he wanted to be, not for what he could get from me (Except biscuits, bones, squeaky toys etc.) RIP Toby – gone but I’m sure never forgotten.


    Just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear this but also glad that he passed so peacefully. Lucky for us that although they take so much from us, they gave enough to last a life time.

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Friendship, loyalty and devotion in one package = dog. I say this with the cat on my lap although TBH he thinks he’s a dog.

    Hardest thing about having a beloved pet is when you have to face losing them. Take heart OP – so many here know what you are going through and are thinking of you.


    Good dogs springers.. Sorry to hear.
    We had to let our 16 year old westie go about 6 weeks back. He was still getting about..just but quality of life was just not there. Vet was brilliant and in total agreement with the situation. No dogs now 😥 but still have 2 kittens a rabbit and a snake so it’s still chaos.


    sorry for your loss dude

    He sprung for the stars and finally made it. That’s what Springers do.

    Sorry to hear you lost your dog.


    oldgit – Member

    Toby passed in his sleep this morning.

    Sorry to hear that. You have taken the right decision not to put him down by the vet.

    We have 3 of our dogs died in February this year within 3 weeks of each other and we love them all dearly. They were at my parents home in the far east. One was died age 16 with cancerous tumor, one died age 10 suddenly that we suspected foul play and the other one died age 8 due to long term illness(genetic). None could be saved or cured by the vet but we would never put down our own pets even if it meant having to look after them long term until they died naturally. They all died in their sleep.

    However, we now have two other dogs to replace them. Both strays that my parents saved. One a mongrel and the other a “toy” dog someone ditched. Both are healthy and we love them as usual.

    We have many dogs in our lives and one of our oldest dog died aged 18 half blind and deaf but could still recognised my parents until last minute. My parents were beside it when he died and same with two of our dobermans. We suspected foul play for one (age 6) but the other a retired guard dog (age 14) died of old age. My parents comforted both until their last minute.

    Same with our cats but after our last two my parents decided not have cats anymore.

    I missed all of them.

    Mrs Toast

    Sorry to hear about Toby, sounds like he had a great life and provided a lot of joy though.


    Really sad to hear the news mate. The only thing you can take from it is that he passed away at home and in his sleep, you did not have to go through putting him down.

    I have been through that once and it is awful. The time is approaching again soon as I have two 14 year old dogs (sisters from the same litter who have always got on!). The kids have grown up with them so it will make it even harder.

    As with you, we have had so much joy with them over the years and they leave a massive hole. I think I may have a break from dogs for a while after these two (but I said that last time….).

    Great photo by the way of your old boy.

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