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  • I think I'm becoming a fan boi!
  • tutgareth

    You are indeed on all account’s 😆

    there’s no help for this either hehe


    I have a BFe and love it. I have wanted a Rocket since I first saw one even tho I haven’t ridden one. I have just seen the new Roadrat and really want one of them now even tho I don’t really like road riding. I don’t have these type of feelings for any other brand.

    Am I a fanboi?
    Is there anything that can be done?
    Am I doomed?


    You will die.


    Rocket and Roadrat look great.

    Fanboi and proud here! On my second soul, new rocket on the way. I’d like a roadrat for commuting duties, but at 400 quid, my charge plug is an ample alternative.


    I think I am too… I never laid much attention to the early Soul’s. They were nice but not my cup of tea because at that time all I cared about was silly bikes with loads of travel that I could hurt myself on.

    Love my BFe, really like the Rocket and keep looking at Hemlock’s when they crop up thinking hmmmm. If I could justify a more XC type bike, I’d snap a Soul up in an instant.


    I’ve got the espresso soul cos it’s perfect for the riding I’d like to think I’ll be doing.
    I’ve been dreaming about the builders tea simple as its stable mate, cos that’s the riding I always liked doing.
    I’ve been desperate to sell my BFe so I can afford the 26″ simple that has now come available
    And now they’ve gone and fixed the roadrat into something I have use for.

    Duck egg please, and explain why I need it to the missus, thanks.

    Am I on the right anonymous group site?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I always say I’m a fanboi, but really that implies a lack of basis. But my Hemlock is the best bike I’ve ever ridden, and the best customer service I’ve ever had in biking came from Cotic, so I reckon it’s just a sensible response.


    patriotpro – Member
    You will die

    Hell, everyone dies its all about how much fun your having when it happens.

    The duck egg roadrat looks lovely, I reckon building it up with CX wheels and v brakes would be good. Discs would be nice eventually.

    Quick question, are 29er rims the same diameter as 700c rims?

    Premier Icon metalheart

    Did someone say fanboi?

    Cotic cubed – lomo by Metalheart-UK, on Flickr



    I’m on my fourth Cotic. I wouldn’t say I’m a fanboi, but I was sorely disappointed when the new road bike didn’t come to fruition. I’d also second Northwind’s comment about customer service. They seriously stand by their product.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Only a fanboi if u buy a solaris even though you don’t fit a 29er

    Premier Icon Alex

    Er 😉 I had a soul years ago tho and never got on with it. Then crashed it and smashed my knee up for which I rather unfairly blamed the bike. Wanted a rocket for the second they came out, and ended up buying a solaris after actually trying one rather than my previous position of dismissing all 29ers because ‘they were silly’

    Worcester Beacon at Sunset by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Cotic Rocket / X-Fusion Slants by Alex Leigh, on Flickr

    Had a couple of issues with my Rocket, but Cy/Paul have been great at sorting them out really quickly.

    My roadrat is on its way in duck egg… (Not really)

    I bloody love my Rocket. I want to replace my 456 with something a little nicer, hard pushed to find anything I like more than the bFe.

    I may well be on my way to fanboiism.


    The BFe is a step above the 456, have you had a go on mine?

    You wouldn’t have the roadrat in duck egg anyway, you like black too much.

    No not had a go on yours dude…

    But you’re probably right it’s my inner goth 🙂

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