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    My commute is now about 20 miles and its not really feasible to do all of it off road, both time-wise and connecting all the off-road bits. I’d like to ride some of it off-road though (forest tracks). I’m thinking a cross bike might be my answer to combine on- and off-road.

    Cycle to work is coming around again for me, so it must be under £1,000. Gears are a must as I’m not ready to singlespeed. Disc brakes would be nice, although I appreciate this is not really the done thing on a cross bike.

    Am I imagining some kind of monster, or is there anything out there for me?


    Loads out there..

    Surly Cross Check
    Marin Lombard

    Premier Icon alfabus

    disc brakes are allowed on cross bikes now.

    If I were you, I’d take a look at the cotic >x<, seems to be worth lusting after 🙂 http://cotic.co.uk/product/x



    2nd the genesis….if I was in the market that’s what id be getting

    This one looks quite angry

    If you are tall enough for a 58cm frame, then this seems a bargain @ £765


    Premier Icon roger_mellie

    Thanks for the suggestions and links folks. I now have somewhere to start.

    Had to chuckle at Charlie’s pic even if its a terrible joke…


    I was thinking about a cross bike but then i saw the inbred 29er race which looks like it ticks all the boxes.


    I’ve been commuting 10 miles each way on a 2011 Genesis Vapour since mid August. I used a mix of green lane, bridleway and field tracks, the bike’s been perfect for that. However, it got way too muddy and the bike was getting in right mess as was i so won’t bother going that way again until the spring time. It’s good fun but became abit of a chore after a while.

    I also, at least once a week, take a more cross-country route on my mountain bike but that takes alot longer and is alot more muddy.

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    I think I want need a cross bike…

    Fixed that for you… 😉

    I do the same, a 20 mile each way commute on the CX, mix of canal towpaths, urban parkland, country parks, roads etc. Not all the time cos it’s a fair bit longer than just going on the road bike and if the weather is bad then the canal towpaths are just gritty slushy hellholes but in drysummer or when it’s frozen it’s a lovely ride and the CX bike is perfect for it.

    Specialized, Genesis, Kona, Fuji, Scott, Felt all do CX bikes for around £1000, there’s a few good end of season deals around at the moment too.


    Focus Mares on Wiggle atm with 20% off for well under a grand.


    Koa Jake/ jake the snake is an oldie but a goldie! I’m not loving the latest paint jobs, but my 2008 model is nice. Manages my 30 mile round trip every day with no problem and when i’m feeling frisky i can stop off in the woods on the way home. Generally running slick tyres, mud guards and a rack, but with all this snow its back to the CX tyres. Top bike. Love it, Though I’d be tempted to go for either an older CX bike or a jake, I like the idea of steel forks rather than carbon and more mountain bike type components. MAybe its just me, but my JTS is a work bike, its utilitarian. No bling just function.

    ive got about 6 in stock that are all on special at the moment 😀

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