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  • I think I may want to get a road bike…..
  • atlaz

    Go sit on the bike, don’t trust what size “should” work. If you want new then Decathlon is good value but 2nd hand is obviously a lot cheaper. Unless you’ve got a mate to advise, or can find a local 2nd hand, Decathlon or Halfords are probably not a bad place to go.

    Most likely a 52cm for such a short arse 🙂

    Decathlon are good value although if you’re spending £300 on a road bike then you may find it difficult to fall in love with it.

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    i’m 5’7 (nearly) I just bought a road bike a cannondale caad8. i sat on a few different bikes in a few different shops, all agreed that 51/52 cm was the right size (most companies make odd or even sizes)

    It’s not better than mtb but as a fresh experience its been great. You can cover a lot of ground fast, you dont break stuff every other ride and you dont need to allow for 40 minutes of cleaning after every ride!


    the decathlon has lost the carbon fork, which makes it still an alright bike – but not quite the bargin it was.


    Decathlon are good value although if you’re spending £300 on a road bike then you may find it difficult to fall in love with it.

    Yeah, but that would also be an issue with a £2000 bike, too – how many of us wouldn’t swap our bikes for something a bit nicer if money weren’t an issue?

    My road bike’s a Decathlon, works great, very pleased with it. And will replace it immediately the day I win the lottery 🙂

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    Part of me hopes I don’t fall in love with it…

    I will continue my search but the decathlon bikes look like a good shout. What are the budget road bikes from the big mtb manufacturers like? Thinking along the lines of trek, giant, specialized etc.


    I’m also a short arse at 5’5″ or 5’6″, depending on heels, and ride a 51cm road bike. My first one was a 54cm and it felt too big. This one feels a little long sometimes but I think that’s just my belly getting in the way, most of the time it feels just right.

    Obviously everyone is different so go and sit on as many as you can, but I wouldn’t recommend going above 52cm. Bear in mind that if you’ve never really spent much time on a road bike they’ll all feel too long or stretched out, this is normal so don’t get something too small or you’ll hate it.

    I’d recommend going 2nd hand with your budget, but you really need to have a good idea of what you want first. Wether you go new or 2nd hand if you have a friend nearby that rides road ask them to come along and help you when you go looking.

    To help you compare, MTBs I’ve owned, ridden, and felt comfy on include:

    16″ Kona Cinder Cone (94)
    Small Cotic Soul
    16″ Orange Five
    Medium Specialized Stumpy FSR (2004, 100mm)

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    I`m 5’6″ with 29″ inside leg and I ride a 52cm Specialised Langster (My first proper foray into a road bike) which then lead on to me buying a Cube GTC Race, full carbon road bike in 53cm (But the Cube Carbon frames come up very small)
    “52” is my normal size

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    So I am thinking of getting a road bike to make my commute quicker and to see if I enjoy road riding a bit!

    I want to keep the whole process as cheap as possible as I may not even really get on with them beyond riding the bike to work!

    I know the super priced Decathalon bikes have been discussed here a lot and I saw them in the flesh recently and they look brilliant, and are bargains. Are there any other real options at that 300-400 price range? I am happy to go 2nd hand! I know nothing about road bikes so a nudge in the right direction would be great!

    Also I am a bit short at 5″6′ so what size should I be looking at? Guides state from 51-54cm so can anyone really back this up or offer advice?

    I know the more money I spend the better it will be but I really do want a budget offering, MTBs are still my love and a road bike would only be for the commute and to see if I actually like road riding…..which I probably will and will then continue to spend a fortune on another bike….we all know how it goes!

    Bought my first roadbike last year spesh allez off ebay for £400 and its a great bike, just enough to whet mymappetite for a bit of road biking and takes 10 mins off my commute to the office. Nothing really to upgrade except maybe the wheels when funds permit!


    My first road bike was an Allez from Ebay, I’d agree it’s a very good bike for the money. You’d need to go second hand though with the OPs budget.

    Yep secondhand is the way to go, got mine off a guy who’d used it twice from new so quite a bargain. Now itching after a cannondale supersix but its always nice to dream


    Can’t help you with regards to sizing but these two from merlin may be worth a look :
    Cromo fork with a mixture of sora and 2300 gearing for £330
    Or if you want to stretch your budget a little bit more this one comes with carbon fork and full sora groupset for £469

    I very recently bought a Triban 7 for the same reasons as you. My commute is 7 miles each way and i’m doing it 5 mins faster on the road bike. I love my new bike, it’s completely different than my mtb. I’m 5’8″ and surprisingly went for a 57 (i thought a 54 would suit me better) & it fits me perfectly so I suggest you really must try before you buy.

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