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  • I Spec B Brake/Shifter woes – help please!
  • Ok, I’ve currently got SLX Disk brake and shifter, I spec b, on my Trance. Its for the front brake mounted on the rhs.

    I’m replacing the brake lever and calliper but can’t see an SLX I spec b unit.

    Does anyone do a kit to allow me to fit the shifter to a non I spec b lever?

    Thanks in advance!


    Premier Icon rossburton

    Are you looking at the new model which only come in I-Spec II? Sadly they’re not compatible…

    Reference: Clamp or I-Spec II.


    You may need to use a bar clamp for the shifter, which is irritating if you like the simplicity of one clamp on the bars obvs. KNC do bar clamps to fit Ispec shifter mounts. Bike24 have stock for £20 a pair. Or find someone who wants to swap shifter cover plates as I did. Or bodge a clamp from any random clamp you have like I did first, which was very ugly, but you are welcome to have if stuck.

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    If you want to change the same shifter to normal bar clamp you need to change the whole top cap. The whole I-spec thing is a shambles IMO and could be so good. They keep changing the spec.


    I agree, I hope the latest i-spec is the last. They must have gone through four iterations of it now

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    Or get an XT shifter and enjoy the benefits of multiple up/down shifts in one press.

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    I’m replacing the brake lever and calliper but can’t see an SLX I spec b unit.

    Which version of the brake are you fitting?
    If it’s M675 then it will be iSpec B as standard. If your are ‘upgrading’ to M7000 then it is iSpec II.

    For iSpec II you can either buy a new shifter (if you can find a 10-speed one) or convert your current SLX shifter by changing the top cap and mount.

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    I think there’s a problem solvers adaptor for Ispec B to ispec 2 but I may be wrong and it would cost half as much as a new shifter anyway. Otherwise you’re swapping the top cap if you can find parts and again you’re probably halfway to a new shifter. Whether the final option works or not depends why you’re swapping brakes; but if the M675 *lever* is fine you could keep that (thus avoiding the whole issue) and swap on the M7000 calliper. I don’t think there’s much if any difference in the lever beyond cosmetic and iSpec mount.

    Agree with above though, Shimano are being cocks changing the iSpec mount every generation. SRAM MMX compatibility goes back a long way – not sure if quite as far as 9sp and Avid Elixirs but I think it does… and it’s got a much better range of adjustment.

    Thanks for the feedback! Ended up buying just a replacement calliper and sending the rest back. Hopefully that solves it.


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