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  • I seem to have stopped spending on bikes
  • Premier Icon wilburt
    Free Member

    Is it just me?

    I still ride a few times a week, road and mtb but other than a new saddle pack because the road one was too annoying to open I havent bought anything new since a set of wheels in the summer.

    I have a new cassette and chain planned for April but otherwise I wont be keeping any shops in business.

    Is anyone still spending?

    Premier Icon philjunior
    Free Member


    Over 6000 miles in all weathers (about 5000 on/2000 off road) last year I’d keep a small business running on chains, brake pads and tyres alone!

    Premier Icon hols2
    Free Member

    I stopped for a while when I sat down and did a stock-take and realized I had enough parts to build a complete bike. Then I sold my spare commuter bike to a friend so I figured I’d use some spare parts to build up an old frame. Needed a few odds and ends for that, then decided that I might as well put some decent forks and a dropper post on it seeing as there were some on clearance. Now I don’t have enough spare parts to build a complete bike so I’m getting nervous. What if all my bikes break down at the same time and I don’t have the parts on hand to fix them?

    Premier Icon binners
    Free Member

    I’ve started shoplifting in bike shops instead. Miles cheaper

    Premier Icon BlobOnAStick
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    My last purchase was some second-hand forks, which I still haven’t fitted 9 months later. They’re sitting alongside another pair of forks, a frame, several sets of wheels, a collection of new and partially used tyres, multiple stems/handebars/deraileurs/shifters, brakes and a couple of old saddles. All 26″.

    I’m sure I’ll need a new cassette and a couple of chains (maybe some brake pads) in the coming months, but my fleet of non-boost 1, 9 & 10 spd 26″ mountain and non-disc-braked 10 spd road bikes just seem to soldier on and continue to be just as much fun.

    Premier Icon Daffy
    Full Member

    2 frames,

    3 wheelsets,

    2 rear mechs,

    4 sets of forks,

    1 set of STIs,

    8 tyres,

    11 shiny bits,

    1 helmet,

    1 set of glasses,

    1 headset,

    2 cassettes,

    1 chain,

    4 sets of pads,

    2 sets of bar tape,

    1 bottom bracket,

    1 crankset,

    1 chainring,

    2 stems,

    3 sets of bars,

    maybe a seatpost?

    … in the past 6 months =

    Sooo broke.

    Premier Icon honourablegeorge
    Free Member

    I sort of finished my two bikes, and I’m really happy with them./ I have a second set of wheels & tyres for both, and there’s nothign upgradable on them without going mental on carbon rims (which I don’t think I actually want) or buying a slightly newer version of the same frame with tweaked geometry (which I can’t justify)

    I cleverly spent all the money on a turnatable and some Sonos kit instead though, so I’ve been able to maintain the seme level.of broke,

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    Well I’ve stopped buying bikes (again), but running costs are a constant drip-drip-drip.

    New set of Cero AR24 wheels arrived today as the hoops on my Ribble have got pretty worn rims.

    Premier Icon tomhoward
    Full Member

    ‘Is anyone still spending?’

    Yup, £xx,xxx in the last 12 months, mostly in LBS’s

    Keeping the industry going, it would seem.

    Premier Icon retro83
    Free Member

    I stopped buying stuff back when 15mm, 27.5, 1.5, tapered and all that crap came in TBH. Dunno why, just kinda felt a bit cheated by the industry and it cured my upgraditus.

    Up to that point i was buying a lot of bling, probably changing forks every 6 months or so, new brakes every year, new shock every year, wheels every 2 years etc. Now I just replace stuff when it breaks with the cheapest equivalent I can find and that’s it.

    Premier Icon wilburt
    Free Member

    I think its the road disc thing thats stopped me, they all seem to be on different standards or selling thru axle forks on QR frames etc doesn’t seem like a good market and value doesnt seem that good either with 1.5k plus for hydro brakes.

    That and I have a newish MTB and good Carbon road bike and a do it all bike for going to the pub/zwift etc, loads of clothes, tools lights so just no need.

    Premier Icon gribble
    Free Member

    Disc brake rotors (two), bottom bracket, dropper post, bars, forks, tyres this winter.

    I don’t want to add it up…

    Premier Icon curiousyellow
    Free Member

    Every time I buy something I seem to get injured. So I stopped buying things and I’m getting on a bit better 🙂

    Premier Icon Rubber_Buccaneer
    Free Member


    Every time I buy something I seem to get injured

    Wife beats you over the head?

    Premier Icon shortbread_fanylion
    Free Member

    I’m not riding much therefore not trashing parts therefore not buying replacement parts. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

    Premier Icon senorj
    Free Member

    I only buy consumables now.
    Parenthood has skinted me for baubles and treats….
    I haven’t had a new bike since 2012.
    My slop bike (26”)runs on the cast offs from my “main” mtb (also 26”).
    Both bikes are riddled with obsolete standards. Bastid bike industry !
    The cx ,which is the newest ,is approaching trigger’s broom status.
    Which reminds me it’s nearing its annual tyre replacement & I really ought to check the chain.

    Premier Icon Northwind
    Free Member

    I’ve been sick the last month or so, so that definitely cuts down wear and tear but yeah, I have my 2 bikes pretty much nailed and rock solid reliable and at an obtainable dream spec and i don’t feel any urge to buy them more flowers or jewelry right now. Maybe some new grips.

    I’m getting my wee 20 inch trials bike ready to sell so that’s eaten some parts and time and then I’ll be getting fired into the 24 inch Inspired that’s hung up in the garage waiting for time and space but that’s all pretty much side projects rather than real everyday bike stuff for me

    Premier Icon thecaptain
    Free Member

    We’d pretty much given up spending too.

    So so we bought a road tandem and two road bikes. That should keep us sorted for a while (though another MTB tandem is on the cards too).

    Premier Icon bikebouy
    Free Member

    I stopped spending on bikes, but then I think I’ve only been out a handful of time on the CXer in the last year.

    Anyone want to buy 6 Challenge Limus sets of tyres, brand new in boxes 💁‍♂️🚶‍♂️

    Premier Icon fudge9202
    Free Member

    Yep I’m sitting with a brand new unridden Cannondale Habit lefty and I’ve just built up a beautiful Salsa Vaya 2017 frameset, so won’t be buying any stuff in the near future. My last bit of bling was a Salsa carbon seatpost from USA so I think I’m well covered for the foreseeable

    Premier Icon funkrodent
    Full Member

    That’ll be me. Right up until I see something that I really, really need..

    Premier Icon moorsey72
    Free Member

    Built a vagabond up in 2016 which was my ‘last’ bike I would ever need….

    Then last year got a Rourke 853 built which i absolutely love and was allowed on the basis I sold some other (essential) clutter to make way and if I promised this was my last bike……

    Now I know i see these lovely new gravel frames popping up and well, promises were made to be broken, right?

    Then fudge goes and mentions the new Vaya frame which is one of the temptations I’m trying to ignore, how is it by the way, any pics?   I think I have issues

    Premier Icon weeksy
    Full Member

    New STI right side shifter/brake is the first thing I’ve bought in 6+ months and that’s only because it’s broken.

    Premier Icon theboyneeds
    Free Member

    Most of my 5 bikes, despite being leass than 5 years old have got obsolete standards (non-boost, 10 spd, etc.) so any upgrades to wheels amd forks are gonna cost big bucks! So my spending has been significantly curtailed due to a lack of shiny bits available.

    But it actually feels quite good not feeling the need…

    Premier Icon nickc
    Full Member

    Just had a spendy visit to my LBS for some bits and pieces I can’t do at home (well not in the depths of Winter I can’t) . But my bike is pretty rock solid, I specced it with pretty top end kit that’s lasted much better than I expected.

    Probably need a new pair of shoes this year

    Premier Icon cb200
    Free Member

    In the last 6 months: cheap riser bars, a tyre and a gear cable set.  Lots spent on keeping warm and dry though.

    Premier Icon 13thfloormonk
    Free Member

    Can’t stop at the moment : (

    The singlespeed commuter has been relatively trouble free, although I did drop £90 on a White Industries freewheel before the stock one failed completely, and a new chain, because it was just too tempting to save a couple of hundred grams over the stock BMX chain.

    I bought a new road bike last summer which (being a Rose) came pretty much perfect out of the box, everything customised as I wanted it. Except… riding the commuter had made me realise I would happily sacrifice weight and aero for some mudguards, and that fat tyres were the way to go on my local roads. So I’ve since spent a bit of time and money trying to bodge mudguards onto the new road bike, and replacing the lightweight summer tyres with some decent 4 season tyres.

    Meanwhile the CX/MTB/gravel bike has just been a money pit, seizing SRAM jockey wheels, seizing SRAM BB, screeching SRAM brakes (see a pattern here?) plus the crappy creaky Bontrager seatpost which is begging to get replaced. Also, since I’m making the MTB double as a CX bike, I’ve got a £300 ‘upgrade’ to rigid carbon forks lined up, should drop a kilo easily!

    But the main spend recently has been physio and bike fitting, which seems to have resolved a niggling knee issue which was keeping me off the bike. Spendy, but at least it’s stopped me dropping £££s on cleat wedges, shims, orthotics and pedal spacers… :insert embarassed smiley here:

    Premier Icon drewd
    Full Member

    The 26er hardtail (my only MTB) has had some Rebas from eBay, brakes from here, a new chain ring, cassette, chain and gear cable as they were all needing replacement. Hopefully it won’t cost me any more for a while.

    The Charge Plug has had a change of tyres for different conditions, may need a headset soon but otherwise all good.

    And I’ve spent more than I would like on accessories such as lights, hydration packs etc. All relatively small purchases but it adds up.

    Premier Icon philjunior
    Free Member

    Just went and got some clothing to replace worn out stuff (waterproof jacket and gloves are both a bit holey). Got it online as nowhere local has a decent range any more…

    Premier Icon cheers_drive
    Free Member

    Since becoming a dad my time and finances have taken a hit so bike spending has dropped. In fact in the past year I’ve sold much more than I’ve bought.

    Premier Icon andybrad
    Full Member

    stopped spending on bike bits. buying bike tools instead.

    just spent 20 quid on a piston tool. why im not sure as a flat bladed driver has been fine for years

    Premier Icon zerolight
    Free Member

    I thought I’d stopped after getting my new MTB (and new stem) in October last year. Then over Xmas I decided I needed an adjustable torque wrench. Last month I bough a Wahoo ELEMNT (but at least sold a Garmin 520 to part fund it) – I wanted a HR strap and speed/cadence sensors for the MTB (since I already have on the road bike). Now I’ve ordered a chainring for the MTB which required purchase of a BB tool to remove the old one (RF cinch fitting). Gah!

    I’ve got a spare 650b tire in the garage, part used, and no bike to fit it to!

    Premier Icon lawman91
    Free Member

    Trying to spend less on the bikes as whenever I do I seem to make them worse than better! Even spending out to get the T130 serviced at various places has been a f#@&ing nightmare, fork service was OK, shock service/replacement has been a disaster thats kept me off the bike for over a month, christ the first shop I took it too couldn’t even index the gears properly or replace a set of brake pads and they have a great reputation as well… From now on I’m going to leave my bikes be until they are genuinely fubared!

    Premier Icon breatheeasy
    Free Member

    Wonder if the new new latest brand new thing that will make all other things obsolete marketing has finally blown up in the manufacturers faces?

    Seems a lot of upgrades to 27.5, boost etc are just coming too thick and too fast for the usual upgrade when needs replacing type of cycle people have.

    Happened a bit in the PC market a while ago, by the time you ordered a computer a new betterer processor was being announced etc.

    Premier Icon chakaping
    Free Member

    Wonder if the new new latest brand new thing that will make all other things obsolete marketing has finally blown up in the manufacturers faces?

    Seems a lot of upgrades to 27.5, boost etc are just coming too thick and too fast for the usual upgrade when needs replacing type of cycle people have.

    Definitely an element of this for me – and also at least a couple of others I ride with.

    FWIW I think it has kind of settled down finally, apart from fork offset perhaps.

    But I’m tied into non-boost for now.

    Premier Icon Bustaspoke
    Free Member

    I bought a ‘Gravel bike’ about 15 months ago.I keep thinking about upgrading the cable discs to hydraulics but the expense has put me off.These days the MTB’s don’t get used enough to justify upgrades,however I’ve just bought a Street Triple so I’m spending money on motorcycles instead of bicycles.

    Premier Icon shermer75
    Free Member

    No new bikes but plenty of consumables!!

    Premier Icon mildbore
    Free Member

    I know what you mean OP,  I ride as much as ever, and have to replace consumables but a few years ago I seemed to reach peak “stuff” generally. I used to have an “if you want it, get it” attitude, but nowadays I find I don’t want any more upgrades. Partly because my bikes reached a good level of parts etc but also falling out of love with consuming, generally and on bikes. T’other day I was moaning about what a pile of scrap metal my winter bike is and my wife suggested I replace it (I know, she’s a star). I wasn’t even slightly tempted

    Premier Icon IHN
    Full Member

    I’m in this boat.

    In fact, I need to replace the tyres on the roady so this very afternoon I was going to get a pair of Conti GPIIs for £60 from CRC, and get the 10% British Cycling discount. Thing is, you need to spend £99 to get that, and I cannot think of £39 quid’s worth if anything that I need or even want.

    Premier Icon andybrad
    Full Member

    Wonder if the new new latest brand new thing that will make all other things obsolete marketing has finally blown up in the manufacturers faces?

    Seems a lot of upgrades to 27.5, boost etc are just coming too thick and too fast for the usual upgrade when needs replacing type of cycle people have.

    Happened a bit in the PC market a while ago, by the time you ordered a computer a new betterer processor was being announced etc.


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