I rode over a badger last night.

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  • I rode over a badger last night.
  • You wasn’t on a black & white bike by any chance?

    Perhaps it was trying to mate with you? 🙂

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    I ran over a badgers nose a year or two back – it was hidden in some grass.

    It made a horrible crunching noise.

    I only realised it was already dead when I went back to look.


    Funnily enough yes my bike is black and white.


    On way home from a excellent ride followed by a trip to the pub, it was getting towards midnight on a pitch black BW & something runs out of the bushes at me, I vaguely saw black with a white stripe going twixt my wheels it then barks angrily and I feel a bump. I’m so shocked / drunk that I growled back at it to frighten it so it doesn’t eat/rape me. I saw another badger further on. I only normally see very few months, there may be one less badger next time, or maybe one with 3 legs.


    One of the guys i was riding with on Friday night hit a badger on a bit of single track in the Purbecks. He went over the bars and came back up with a couple of cuts and scrapes and the badger rolled over 2 or 3 times and carried on its way…. those things are as hard as nails aren’t they?


    You should have bunny hopped it, Scruff.

    Sure it wasn’t the werewolf or beast with two backs?

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    Scruff aren’t you in South Wales? Where was this?


    I was in a car once with one of my mates, and we turned a corner and saw a badger in the middle of the road. Slammed the brakes on, badger went straight between the wheels, then just ran out from under the front of the car and carried on its way. Takes a lot to kill a badger it seems.

    I had a strange encounter with a Badger a while back. I was on a fast descent from the Mendips in the dark and badger darted on from a bush right between my wheels. Its was clearly happy there as it ran along under my pedals for a further 20 yards before popping out the other side and having a go at my mate. Amazingly both me and the badger came to no harm other than a bit of carpet burn.

    Other animal encounters include:
    Mouse – not sure how I managed to hit the poor little bugger.
    Snake (grass I think) – I think he was ok

    Just hoping I never hit a Dear, have come close though.


    We’re in to that snake on the trail trying to get warm time of year now. Did a last second hop over one a couple of years back that I took to be a stick at first glance.

    A badger is a whole different proposition – I’ve had one snarling around my ankles in the dark whilst on foot… quite alarming, especially when you can hear it but not see it!

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