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  • I rode back in time last night…
  • Premier Icon wwaswas

    I always find that riding urban singletrack (the small bit of woodland running along the back of some houses, a narrow twitten between two roads, that bit in the trees by the basketball court at Hove Park) makes me feel like a kid having an adventure.


    Nice post. Left me wanting more.


    I got as far as grabbed the rigid SS and nodded off…

    Premier Icon scandal42

    Always makes me laugh when you see an adult wearing casual clothing riding a bike round the streets, makes them look like dealers or adults who wear full football kits.

    Sounds nice though 😆

    ooh I did that too, ‘cept I was on my full bouncer and I pwned everything in sight.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    franksinatra – Member

    No fancy bike technology where you are thinking about sag, pressures or overdue services. Just riding a bike.

    I deal with all that by just not thinking about it 😉

    Think the biggest change I’ve done for my cycling is just keeping stuff ready to go- want to ride? Go ride! Shoes and helmet by the door, always at least one bike fixed and ready, no excuses or delays. All those times when you’ve got time for a quick ride but by the time you’re done fannying about you don’t…

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    ..well, it felt like it.

    9.00pm decided to go for a ride. Walked into the garage in the clothes I was wearing (shorts and t-shirt), pulled on a pair of shoes, grabbed the rigid SS and rode off.

    No plan where I was going, no water, no spares, no pack, no gloves, no cycle specific clothing. I just rode.

    I rode with no distractions, it felt like being 13 years old again. I pootled around local trails, saw amazing sunset, watched fishermen casting for salmon in the Tweed (unsuccessfully) and a Heron fishing (successfully). I stopped to chat to dog walkers and sat on a few benches. I didn’t get frustrated trying to photograph the perfect sunset as I hadn’t taken my phone.

    It was the most relaxing and enjoyable ride I’ve had in ages. It felt like being a kid when you just grabbed your bike and went. No planning, driving or complications. No fancy bike technology where you are thinking about sag, pressures or overdue services. Just riding a bike.

    This has unintentionally started to sound like a column in the magazine but I like to share it. Perhaps other people on here get so caught up in everything else they may have forgotten about the simple pleasure of riding a bike, I reckon I maybe had.

    Premier Icon JAG

    I’ve done something similar recently. It’s so nice to forget about ‘nailing’ everything or rushing to set a PB on some bit of trail or other. Just relax, ride your bike and go where your mood takes you….

    You can be out for a long time without realising it 8)

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I deal with all that by just not thinking about it


    It’s nice to not be one of those people that that gets so engrossed in stuff they have to do something specific to enjoy it again 🙂


    I recently moved to a new town, and cannot wait to check out the different trails. Especially in this relaxed mindset.


    Did you ride off wearing your helmet to keep your Mum happy but then just hide it in a bush to be retrieved later? That’s what I remember about bike riding aged 13 😮


    Happens every time I go out on my BMX 😀

    EDIT “going back in time” that is, as opposed to conning my Mum into thinking I wear a helmet

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    As an married man I find I still hide my helmet in a bush every now and again

    Premier Icon righog

    Funnily enough I did exactly the same last night.

    Sandals, Dad shorts single speed, not been on it for a while and the tyres had just enough air in them not to be flat.

    I fancied a beer ( or two ) and thought I should at least do a bit of ride to enjoy them a bit more, ended up riding for a couple of hours. Met my brother and his wife who could not believe I was allowed out of the house looking as I did.

    Enjoyed the beers as well

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