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  • trevron73

    I feel your pain? I ride bikes when and what i like ? i had no idea i should ride with this or that ? i just ride shiney and expensive ?

    me too, the more shiny the better, until i lost my job a few years ago and realised i could do pretty much all my own spannering from you tube tutorials. i havent been in a bike shop for years.

    but, this lack of exposure seems to have put me in my 26 inch, 27 geared , 100mm travelled place……

    Premier Icon JoeG

    What, no fatbike? 🙄 You’re missing out! 😡

    to coin a phrase “OMG”

    whislt out riding my bike….well one of my three bikes, trek top fuel, giant xtc and cannondale caad 9…..I hadn’t realised i was missing out on so much. it seems, that not only am i not riding a 29er, i am also missing out because i don’t ride a 27.5er??

    i am worried about looking at a roadbike website incase i have missed anything there too. do they now tide 36ers?

    i have been really enjoying riding my current bikes but i have now learnt that their wheels and travel mean they are rubbish.
    Dam you cycling magazines. Also, i ride with cleats……sorry…l..i know this is wrong as i don’t have ?5..10’s??? but i still really enjoy riding my bike.

    please help? shall i refer to xc racer only???

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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