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  • I really don't need a new bike…do I?….?
  • hugor

    You need a new bike thats for sure. Give up and buy one cause the buying itch won’t go away.

    Get a Pivot Firebird. Lovely bikes and not common around here.


    hmm… looks interesting. Not really seen the all mountain version of those before. Seen a few DH rigs at Fort William when i was there last.

    Only thing is…. its essentially a single pivot with rocker/shock activation. Not sure ’bout that.

    Nice tho.


    Its far from single pivot its DW link.
    Here’s a pic of my frame before I built it up – note the gold link at the bottom. No offence to SP lovers out there!


    Dunno if it’s any good. I ride a santa cruz.


    ok, thanks Hugor. I’ll see if i can find a way to hop on one for a test ride.

    Now thanks looks sweet. I’ll check them out on the Knolly site. I spot quite a few bearings on that thing! Although judging from the Cacti you ride somewhere less muddy than me?

    So what SC do you ride then? opinions?


    Having found a bike which doesn’t implode once a year, and turn into a buch of useless aluminium tubes over the slightest obstacle (Spesh SX 2005) i thought i would never need/want to change my frame again.

    BUT, here i am wondering about a new bike. It might just be boredom, or a wonder over new angles/linkages/shocks etc, but i cant shake the feeling i need to BUY BUY BUY.

    So, its got to be 150-170mm travel. I would be hard pushed to move away from a ‘proper’ four-bar design but am open to all possibilities.

    Thing that got me looking was a rather nice Nicolai AM, with lovely bright colours and possibilites as bad as my own tastes. I would love to have a gearbox bike, but only in about 3-5 years when the market has matured/is reliable.

    Paradoxically, when i bought my SX i had to be careful with money but lusted after a much more expensive machine. Now, i am older and richer…. money need not be the definative issue.

    I’m an idiot right? i dont need a new bike.

    (a caveat is.. no 29rs, steel, titanium, or Oranges)


    Not mine mate. I have a blur LTc. I like it very much but different people have different tastes. I could go on and on (and bore you to death) but I’ll just say that it’s the best bike I’ve ever ridden.
    Oh and the Knolly bearings are about as high spec as you can get. The bikes designed for loamy canadian rainforest.


    I am looking at a chilcotin or endorphin as my next bike. Just waiting for the first 2012 frames to arrive in October!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    SC Nomad? Alu or carbon depending on budget.
    Intense slopestyle 2?
    Another Spesh?
    Trek slash?
    Lapierre froggy?
    Scott voltage?
    YT 160 ltd?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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