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  • Muke

    Some advice please….

    I found an old Ipod nano by the side of the road,it was a bit beaten up and soaking wet but having dryed it out it seems to work ok. There is no contact info on it, so is there any way to trace the owner ? If the owner has registered it and I connect to Itunes maybe it would flag something up to say its been reported missing ? or is it a case of finders keepers not that I have much use for a 2gb Ipod.

    my ipod packed up last month if you fancy being charitable?

    if not anyone know anywhere that can do repairs (suspect its a power/battery problem as it died in the charger and wont come on again).


    Searched the interweb and it seems that unless you have installed some tracking software onto your Ipod the serial no can’t be tracked by I tunes at the moment but they are looking to fix this in the future.
    Sorry thisisnotaspoon but my boy has first dibs on it

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    If the owner registered it (it prompts you to when you first plug it in), Apple will be able to tie up the serial number with a name and address. I don’t think that iTunes bothers to cross check against any kind of missing ipod register though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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