I need a good game for my Mac – any recommendations for a very casual gamer?

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  • I need a good game for my Mac – any recommendations for a very casual gamer?
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    Hi folks,

    Looking for a recommendation for a game for my mac. Just got a new macbook pro, and fancy getting a good game as I haven’t played a “proper” one for ages!

    Based on my preferences below, what would you recommend? Batman Arkham City? Assins Creed (apparently the third one is good)? Something to get absorbed in once the kids have gone to bed!

    Not looking for an out and out FPS (not got the reflexes anymore, and want to play on a laptop), but something in that ilk would be good. Any fun tank sims out there?

    Not liking strategy, RPG, adventure, sports. Do like FPS with a bit of story, sims (that are fun, not too much micro-management).

    3 absolutely fave games ever?
    1) Quake 3 online
    2) Deus Ex (first one)
    3) Black and White
    4) Sim City (esp the 3D one, whatever that was)

    Guidance greatly appreciated!


    Portal 2

    and to a lesser extent Half Life 2.

    If your patient they may turn up in a Steam sale. Steam is ace for getting hold of Mac games.

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    Portal 2 sounds a bit dull and “thinky”? does get good reviews right enough…


    Portal then Portal 2 – best games ever.

    Portal isn’t nearly as cererbral as Sim City but it’s much smarter than quake – and you get a crackingly written story (well Portal 2 is well written – it’s also much nicer to look at than Portal)


    +1 for portal then portal 2.

    Or just buy the “orange box” and play portal and half life etc.


    Orange box is a good suggestion. Also check out the humble bundle.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Orange Box., cant go wrong with HL2 and Portal.


    Humble Bundle is a good place to start and Steam works well enough on a Mac, but I do get annoyed with it some times if it fails to connect. It does provide cheap offers though, so worth looking into.

    Civ5 was on special yesterday for example.

    Premier Icon lowey

    Team Fortress 2. AND its free to play.

    Brilliant game.


    I seem to suggest this on every game thread but take a look at Borderlands, the first one. I think its on Steam but if not can be picked up fairly cheap for Mac.

    It is an FPS but you get to develop your character a bit more with special weapons/abilities. Its pretty light hearted, funny in places and very enjoyable. Has a storyline too which nicely leads into the second one too plus there are 4 add on packs each adding a few extra hours of gameplay and developing the story a bit more in the build up to the second one.


    Bioshock is worth a look too, think its available on Mac now through Steam.

    Premier Icon soundninjauk

    Portal 2 is the absolute opposite of dull. Batman Arkham City is also a great idea, wonderful game that.


    Was Spore available on Mac? If so ya might like it.
    (Start as a single celled organism, finish as a galaxy spanning civilisation.)


    Latest version of SimCity is out this month will be available on Mac download only. Looks great http://www.simcity.com/en_GB/

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Orange box – you get HL2 + two add-on HL episodes, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. I subsequently picked up Portal 2 very cheap from steam.


    League of Legends open beta

    Premier Icon big_scot_nanny

    I have already played Half life and HL2 with friends years ago, and it was indeed a fabulous game and story. But, not wanting to re-do old ground so…..

    Have installed Steam and purchased Portal 2 based on a tidal wave of recommendations. I shall report back my thoughts, but hoping it’s good!

    Cheers me’dears


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