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  • I love cycling but……
  • sam3000

    I love cycling, there is no better feeling than being out (mtb or road)… i’m not great at it … but.

    No longer can I read magazine articles due to the fact that nearly every article/ review is utterly pointless and irrelevant due to wheel size changes.

    Every time I ride my bike/ put it away I think to myself, this is the last time i’m going to see my bike for fear of it being stolen.

    Maybe I should stop using the internet?

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Buy some modern wheels and bigger locks

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    hmm most of the kit on my bike doesn’t care what the wheel size is, my shorts certainly don’t care. Insure your bike and live life with a little less worry, you will probably feel better.


    Your right, I could be knee deep in flood water or in hospital after being knocked off by a car (or worse)….

    The sun is shining and I’m off riding.


    Just ride your bike, enjoy it and sod what anyone else thinks or does.

    Herman Shake

    Take out insurance for your bikes, learn to shrug off the marketing slagging match.

    Despite how seriously it can be taken it’s ultimately just riding bicycles and trying to feel like you’re 7 again 😀

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    You could be about to spend the next few hours under a car, changing driveshafts…like me, instead of heading off out on my outdated wheel size bike.

    But your not.

    So, go to shed, take out bike & ride.

    Getting dressed first though, obviously.

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Sam, I wouldn’t worry. I have only one bike. It’s seven years old. It has tiny wheels. My post doesn’t drop automatically. There is no clutch. No bouncy stuff either. The front forks are hardly ever mentioned in a magazine and nothing is rooted internally. My gloves were made for sailing and I have no baggy long sleeve jerseys.

    Despite all this, I quite like MTB riding. I’ve even risked a trail centre.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Ive broken my road bike, my local trail are nothing but sopping wet peat bogs – so I’m going to ride a hybrid! The shame…


    Felt the same last year when I had my bike nicked, swore I’d never get another – now have three. Have updated locks, ground anchors and alarms on the garage – f@ck em mate.

    As for wheel size, it’s just marketing guff as they’ve run out of different size fork axle’s to sell! Most folk on here wouldn’t be able to tell the difference if they rode a 26″, 650 or whatever size wheel, just like they couldn’t tell if they spent five hundred quid making their bike one pound lighter!!

    As per above posts, just get out and ride 😆


    Get a folder, small wheels and no need to lock it up. And contrary to what many may think, it’s great to ride and pretty quick.


    Well now i’m back from my ride I feel much better about things- yes I was fully clothed! And yes I felt like I was 7 again!

    Its great to see some positive responses… thanks

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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