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  • I like shopping for bike stuff, what have you ordered?
  • _tom_

    New chain here as well, and a cateye computer for my road bike. Not very interesting. Buying some new bars soon.

    Premier Icon ton

    a £2800 full suspension electric mtb, and a £500 spare battery. 😀

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    A Reverb. 😀 properly excited! and a saddle as all mine are I Beams


    Pics please Ton

    4ndy B

    Custom 853 frame, USE Sumo carbon post, X0 shifters…


    Renthal chain ring and a new chain for the SSS. “Hey big spendeeeeeeerrrr”

    Premier Icon martymac

    yeah ton, pics.

    Premier Icon ton

    pics when it lands.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    An offset shock bushing for my Reign… Exciting 😀


    Genesis Fortitude Race.


    some of these:

    and one of these:


    2 x 5mm carbon headset spacers. Arrived in massive box from CRC!


    Just received the following:

    Revelation rct3 dual position forks
    XTR chain
    XT cassette
    XT rear dérailleur
    Jagwire ripcord cables

    Will fit tomorrow


    Premier Icon 40mpg

    new chain , ring and cog for the SS

    Whats up with the ring & cog I bought you? I’ll have em back if you don’t want 😉

    Just get them on before next thurs so you don’t get in the way every half mile putting your baggy chain back on 😀


    I just order small things like a Hollow Tech II install tool. Then watch the neighbours go green with envy as the MASSIVE CRC box is delivered.

    (I make sure I am in to receive the parcel, as the minuscule weight of the box if discovered, will give the game away)


    And a Garmin 500 🙂 (can’t find the precipitation meter though !)

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    An XTR bottom bracket, apparently. Was having second thoughts at the Paypal moment and was thinking “Hope ceramic, ahhhh!,” so closed the PayPal page thinking I’d think it over, no rush.

    Email says I bought the XTR bottom bracket though.

    Ho hum. Anyone want an XTR bottom bracket?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Haven’t ordered anything for ages! Last thing was when we were at Kirroughtree… I was mourning the unavailability of the Fox Poacher jersey- I’ve had 2 of these, destroyed one in France, replaced it, and the replacement’s going all bobbly because I wear it so much. Brilliant shirts, but now unavailable, unless… You wander into the Brake Pad and they have one in the sale, in your size. Lovely


    I’m building a bike for my wee brother..

    jump stop
    headset spacers

    and from the classifieds

    loving the postman’s arrival at the moment.. I’m going to hate having to hand the finished bike over though.. it’s a beaut

    Even though I know Met are good and a great fit, you will look like a ”RING GOD” going on what you have just purchased. 😆


    Nowt this week (unless the Z150’s I’ve just bought count).

    Last week I took delivery of a new chain, cassette and BB from Rose Bikes, a Hope chain ring and an Answer 780 DH bar.

    Now trying to decide what wheels to buy….Mavic Crossline or Superstar set (Trizoid rear hib etc).

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    a chain to get up to the free postage on 2 sets of cleats,

    last order was bigger though
    4×990 cassettes
    4×991 Chains
    4x Hope Floating Rotors (blue & red pairs)
    2x XT Rear Mechs
    couple of cheap lights

    Premier Icon martymac

    some rigid F8 forks for the P7, and some odi lock on grips.
    oh, and a star nut for the forks.


    i bought a track pump.

    i did have some pedals and new shoes in my basket but wimped out 😳


    Road chain set – ultegra
    MTB chain set – XT
    E13 34t ring
    SRAM 1091 chain
    2x bb’s


    This seems a bit boring, but a new chain , ring and cog for the SS is my little treat!

    Want to press the button on a Bushnell EBB too, but can’t find the courage to spend £90 to replace something that works, just not as well as the one I want!

    What have you ordered that didn’t really need to be ordered?


    Both things I have ordered are both out of stock

    Stans racing gold wheels
    Xx grip shift

    The wheels should arrive in a few weeks but not so sure on the xx ( this year would be nice)


    I have discovered German Ebay.
    Formuula The Ones for big bike
    Dropper post for big bike
    Formula RXs for SS
    Magura Durins for HT.
    So much more on there than British Ebay.
    Note to self: Need to stop spending!
    Need a new chain for the HT though…


    Ho hum. Anyone want an XTR bottom bracket?

    If you can pop the bearings out I’ll have them. Unless the whole hting is really cheap
    EDIT: Read note above. Could relly do with some XTR bearings though. (press fit BB with XTR bearing in it BTW)


    Arrived today, comfy.

    I was doing really well having a week of selling bike bits on ebay rather than buying.

    But I splurged a whole £7 on a Blackburn Slick bottle cage this afternoon because my inner weight weenie just had to have a 23g bottle cage!


    600 quid rose bike order

    Some tools as i binned some that were beyond good use

    Tacx Wheel jig
    Shimano crank tool and chain tool
    Bfo pedal spanner
    A handle bar holder – stop them spinning when on the stand
    A spreader tool for pistons
    Magnetic small parts tray

    Xt 10 spd shifter and mech chain and cassette for the mrs bike

    Deore chainset , hollowpin chain , cassette , sp41 outer , teflon inners ,spokes and nipples for servicing a mates bike – he brought it round for a new bb – but rings and drive train were **** – and he put his rear hub together wrong and hadnt locked the cones – the rear wheel was also like a square due to oem nipples snapping.

    Giant bowery for the self same mate on its waynfrom the classifieds

    Next week i shall order a genisis day one alfine 8 for the mrs commuter

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Because of this thread I just bought another set of Wellgo MG1 pedals, for the cross bike (yes I know flats on a crosser isn’t right, but neither is a leg held on with bolts).

    Hmmmm what can I buy now. Well there’s a rather expensive looking ebay auction ticking away…


    2xhans dampf from Germany perfect for all conditions….


    2xhans dampf from Germany perfect for all conditions….


    Gold Hope headset and black Space Doctors (plus a £2 Kenda innertube to take it over the £75 threshold!) ordered from CRC at 4:34 this morning when I couldn’t sleep! Used the ‘YES’ voucher code and the whole lot came in at £69.26 delivered, can’t grumble at that.

    The only problem now is that I keep logging on to CRC when I’m supposed to be working to see if my order has changed from ‘Processing’ to ‘Dispatched’… I hate waiting for stuff!


    Double post.

    Possibly waiting for me when I get home from work (next Thursday):

    Garmin Edge 500.
    GoPro HD Hero 2, with chest mount *and* dashboard mount for the Batmobile.
    120mm forks, and cos of different axles, wheels to match for the XC bike.


    I’ve been busy – despite being off the bike since the 21st Feb for post shoulder op recovery I’ve bought a few things:

    Hope Tech brakes x2
    A LoCo service for bike #2s Fox Float
    Blackspire Stinger chain device
    A pair fo Spesh Comp shoes for spinning classes
    A pair of Panaracer Rampage tyres
    Clarks lock on grips for bike #2
    A pair of 661 gloves
    A set of Horst link bearings and fitting for bike #2

    I’ve caught up on maintenence…the leaky negative spring on my hardtail’s Pikes has been fixed and stepson 2 has had a new bike built for him. All the other bikes are as good as new aside from some fork fettling that remains to be done.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    I’m hovering over the buy button on a Ragley Blue Pig frame. As soon as I do, an avalanche of buy buttons will appear, every other component required to complete it.

    I’m waiting for a reasonably priced XT groupset to come in to stock somewhere. I really hate waiting and without the groupset I wouldn’t be able to get on with building it.

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