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  • I like him more and more, but this is brilliant stuff…
  • fasthaggis

    You can watch him tomorrow on question time then 😉

    Really? Now that should be a hoot, let’s see if Mr Dimbleby can manage him a little better.

    Premier Icon binners

    Brilliant! I’ve had to totally reappraise my opinion of him. I used to just find him utterly intolerable. A slightly more intelligent and slimmer Chris Moyles.

    But now he’s off the smack and got his ego (relatively) in check, he’s genuinely funny, in a refreshingly subversive way.

    Question Time should be great! Who’s he on with?


    Not sure if I like him or not (not that it really matters, either way), but that was genius. 😀


    Have to agree that I’m beginning to enjoy his clever, spontaneous humour now.


    Yup, used to just find him annoying, but now he’s writng some very clever articles and this is just brilliant.

    With you there Binners, used to hate the self styled sex and egomaniac, but now he seems to have found a purpose for his sharp wit I am really warming to him.

    And this could be good – QT line up: Ed Davey, Tessa Jowell, Boris Johnson, Russell Brand and Melanie Phillips in London


    question time has a great line up tomorrow. The thing is with Russell Brand, is he’s funny, but he’s also got his finger on the pulse of current affairs, and he’s a very clever guy.

    He got caught up with the whole fame game, Katy Perry nonsense for a bit, but now he’s come out of that he’s back to being a very funny comedian.


    Haven’t watched. Is it actually clever or is he just using long words again?

    @Fourbanger – shall I describe it to you? 😉


    The woman in the blue dress needed a cold shower after that I reckon.

    I’ve always thought he was very intelligent and had excellent delivery. Good to see him on form.

    Not normally a fan, but that was funny. QT could be quite funny. How much will Brand wind Phillips up. Will Boris be outshone and how will he respond? Good job it’s not a serious program!

    How many years us it since Willie Bradt died? Wa that who they were confusing Russell with?

    Nope….Still seems like a **** to me – Sounds like a Frank Spencer impression with longer words.


    Pleasantly surprised by that. I always thought he was an eejit but he came across really well there.

    Premier Icon leffeboy

    Started as expected but once he got in control he was brilliant

    Premier Icon kimbers

    like many at first I hated him but once you ‘look past the superficial’hes quite insightful

    almost feel sorry for the tv hosts, almost


    ….almost feel sorry for the tv hosts

    Never, ever feel sorry for American TV hosts. They got what they deserved. Brand is good at this sort of thing.

    Premier Icon lunge

    That was bloody brilliant, love how he got on top of them, absolutely spot on.

    “Shaft grasper”

    That’s genius.
    When he gets her for the way she holds her bottle of water is spectacular.

    Premier Icon MSP

    When he was on “have I got news for you” and pitted against others with quick wit and humour, he came up rather short.


    ‘Lose the ring’, love it!
    The bird in blue probably had to change her underwear after that – nice job!


    Well, after reading through the comments I thought it’d be fair to give Mr. Brand a second (or third, or whatever the number was) chance.

    Sorry, I’m just getting obnoxious up himself prick. Still.


    Absolute tears.



    Oops I mistook this for a Charles Saatchi thread 😳

    Premier Icon edhornby

    are you really impressed by that? I thought it was the same old gobby Brand using volume, mild agression and a lack of right to reply to control others, he never answers a question about himself

    did you see him in front of the select committee on treatment for class A addicts? he was properly challenged on his opinions and at the end was virtually chucked out; because he didn’t dominate and wasn’t happy about it he was trying all kinds of attention seeking tricks to keep himself in the seat and carry on until he got his own way which he didn’t…


    edhornby and TuckerUK +1.

    ‘shaft grasper’? yes. what wit. 🙄

    fair enough he was upset that they didn’t know who he was (he was their guest after all), but his behaviour and ‘brand’ of humour (see what I did there?) shows up the british ‘comedy’ fan. after all, they in the US will believe he is representative of british talent.

    other than a penchant for rudeness, he could quite easily be called russell ‘bland’ (oh my gosh, I’m on fire!!!)


    bike related?


    Most people might not be on great form infront of a Select Committee. I know I might struggle. Russell Brand is not a performing monkey. The delivery shown in the post is typical of him and should come as no surprise. His style is funny but I imagine he may not be the best listener in tricky situation.
    I also reckon he may have had a ‘chat’ with the presenter after the show.


    “I think you should concentrate on the driving, it’s for the best”


    (There abouts)


    She’s a shaft grasper

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    He was right about the rude way they were discussing him in the 3rd party and it became obvious that was because they’d forgotten his name. I think he was right to show them up.

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