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  • I know how dynamo does all his tricks…
  • DrP

    This website makes it all so obvious…
    I’m not sure if this guy is serious or a big joker…

    It’s all to do with 3d projection and a heat generating watch… Obviously…




    That is clearly the work of a genius!!

    He has built an image through hard work in the art of illusionism that means he now has the money and trust to be able to buy the cutting edge and large scale ‘tricks’ from the minds at the top of the illusionist pyramid.

    That plus the fact that they know if he was ever to shit on the trade he’d have to go back to work in Bratford

    Premier Icon darrenspink

    “The watch in actual fact is a special device designed for generating very large amounts of heat”

    This made me laugh..can make glass return to its liquid state?? Obviously he isn’t aware of what temperatures are involved.



    I’ve got a tenner and a couple of twenties in my wallet right now. Am I a collector?


    Doesn’t get out much this fella !! Clearly off his tits on stupid pills

    Walking On Water
    Effect: Dynamo walks on water.
    Explanation: This trick was extremely difficult to arrange. They of course avoid showing it on camera, but there are several helicopters flying far above him, painted to match the sky, and at a high enough altitude that the sound can’t be detected. Each helecopter of course has an invisible line running to Dynamo, which is extremely well camouflaged against water. The most difficult part is keeping Dynamo’s motion smooth. While this is potentially possible with only 5 separate helicopters, for the show they hired 8.

    Haaaaaaaa 🙂


    Unless you’re actually afraid that magic really might exist, it doesn’t matter much how he does it. I personally find it boring because, I don’t believe in magic, and they’re just tricks.


    Chosen Card Jumps Out Of Deck

    Effect: Dynamo waves his hand over a deck of cards, causing the chosen card a jump out of it.

    Explanation: He has a small but very powerful electric fan up his sleeve. The beauty of this is most people would expect the card to move away from the fan, but because the air currents are bouncing off the volunteers hand, it’s possible to make the card jump towards the fan, so long as it avoids the main air current.


    Premier Icon Cougar

    That has to be a hoax site, surely.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    That Walking on Water explanation is genius. 8 helos, wire, high enough not to be heard. I want some of what he has been smoking!
    I’m sure sunken pontoon type things, which was my theory, are too reasonable sounding.


    Or camera trickery, which of course would be way too far fetched. I love all the details- ‘can be done with a minimum of five helicopters, but they use eight’!

    Premier Icon dmorts

    I don’t like Dynamo’s magic, there’s no mystery about it. The tricks are so outrageous it’s too obvious they rely on a lot of setup, stooges and video editing. I just don’t get sucked into the illusion.

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