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  • glasgowdan

    Van problems, squeaky belt, lock not working right, tyres, rattle just appeared… 2 days before my work gets mental I really don’t need sudden problems like this. It’s been fine for months!

    2 items I have ordered online rather than locally, around a week later for each I get emails to say they are not actually available.

    Dropped my phone yesterday and the screen has cracked, stupid smart phones seem to be so so delicate these days! Galaxy S3, screen replacement cost is £160-odd as I don’t bother with insurance.

    I know it’s minor, my point is that life would actually be so much richer without having all this stuff around us that we need to spend our money on to maintain. Imagine coming home and not thinking about stuff, just people and activities. It would be such a release!


    Things always happen together I had tree fall over in the wind (hung up on another tree over next doors conservatory), back door lock broke and a rain water pipe slip in its brackets so its no longer attached to the gutter. Annoys the heck out of me for a day or so but stuff happens.


    #FirstWorldProblems 😀

    i hate people in supermarkets who are clearly too stupid to operate a self serve checkout but yet do… the best being a chap who painfully slowly scanned all his stuff, then could’nt figure out how to pay so put it all back in the basket and wandered off to a till.

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    Hah I forogot my train pass this morning £9.40 out of pocket and f all chance of the refund at the discrestion of the station manager. 👿

    Premier Icon surroundedbyhills

    Hah I forgot my train pass this morning £9.40 out of pocket and f all chance of the refund at the discrestion of the station manager. 👿

    Well life is generally better just doing stuff with people you enjoy doing stuff with rather than buying stuff in order to fill the empty void that is your life.

    So let the stuff break down, fall apart, wear out and send it to me and live a far more fulfilling life.


    Answers are:

    Fix the stuff you need when you can.

    Do without fancy stuff.

    There you go – road to happiness and sunlit uplands. You may call me ‘messiah’.


    Can’t get Sausage Rolls & Pork Rolls where I live. Life sucks

    Actually, know it doesn’t. I have the most amazing wife, and children.
    Doesn’t matter what crap I see every day at work, seeing them makes the world amazing.


    we have saying in our house for this mood

    ‘Everything is in decay’

    which it is, which makes it all the more poignant. You can see why some people choose to become hermits.

    Herman Shake

    Had a crap day being taken for granted in a challenging care home (by my colleagues, not staff). A few extended incidents of challenging behaviour, unable to eat lunch until after 16:00 (started at 7.30) and have a headache. Bah. But it’s over now!

    Sort your phone out yourself, it’s easy. Get a digitizer (if the glass is cracked but LCD is fine) for under £10 on ebay and some tools for the job for less than £5. Youtube vids explain the process, I did my Missuses’ HTC. Get a silicone case; again not many monies on ebay.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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