I got a mouse in the kitchen what am I gonna do?

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  • I got a mouse in the kitchen what am I gonna do?
  • Oh my!

    Thats what I thought when I first saw one.

    Theres another video of one eating a snake and its **** huge, about 60cm long apparently.

    These have superseded spiders as my most feared creepy crawley

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    Have you caught it yet?

    I recently had mouse “issues” in the loft and garage.
    They were immune to the mouse bait I laid down – it takes 10d to work but some survived. Genetic freaks.

    Tried some humane traps baited with peanut butter. Caught two but they were then getting triggered with no capture.

    Ended up buying the pre-baited traps from B&Q. The plastic ones that look light very large pegs. That finished the blighters off.

    Also have some battery-operated traps in the garage – they electocute them – and have also invested in a ultrasonic deterent. The last resort is glue paper.

    Good luck!


    Bought some humane ones earlier….

    ……, Costing me a bleedin’ fortune it is! Will bait with peanut butter and mars bars, even tho i am not holding out much hope but will be waiting with baited *ahem* breath for the morning to come to see if i have won yet.

    If no results i am burning the house down.

    Tijuana Taxi

    Always found those humane traps and peanut butter to do the business

    Lazy old cat just sleeps and eats, no interest in catching mice at all


    If you do capure it, you can always sell it to Asda…..
    Local news story last night, a couple from Penzance cooking Asda’s special Masala sauce and noticed a lumpy bit.
    Yep, free with your masala sauce – a mouse!!!!!!
    it was gross……………


    2x Humane Traps + 2 Old Skool Traps + 2 Clip Traps – 0

    Mouse – 1


    @ Christowkid – That story was on the BBC site last night as it goes.


    go with glue paper ftw… it’s a pretty nasty business if you’re of a sensetive nature; seeing the poor mouse stuck there, terrified and squeeking madly as you approach, then you have to kill the bugger… ’tis a cruel job, but it gets rid of them 🙁


    At the point i would bop it on the noggin with a golf club so glue paper should not be a problem. Is this something you buy or DIY jobby? If so best stuff to use?


    hardware store should have it. just need to place it around the edges of skirting boards etc (any area where the buggers are likely to run past/over), pop it in cupboards and under things as well, dark places where they hide out. Not sure of brands, I think they’d all be the same?

    good luck 😀


    If you use a humane trap what do you do with the mouse afterwards? Release it outside it will either die or just run back into the house.

    We got a mouse problem and I solved it by removing the food source. the mice soon moved out again ( or died?)


    If i had caught the mouse with the humane traps i was going to huck it somewhere miles away.

    Just ordered some glue traps, bringing my total spend to about £20ish quid, so if the mouse knows what is best it will pop into one of the humane traps over the next several days 😉

Viewing 11 posts - 41 through 51 (of 51 total)

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