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  • I forgot how angry I can be…..sacking the Sertraline.
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    Really glad for you OP. It’ll probably take a while for you mood to settle down I reckon. I’ve been on Citalopram for about seven years now. Tried coming off it last year as I was fed up of the emotional numbness, tiredness and lack of drive. It didn’t go well and I was thinking of doing something stupid as a result. I’m now back on it at a 40mg dose and starting to reluctantly accept the fact I’ll be staying on it.

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    Twelve years now on meds.Started off on Citiapram and after a couple of months came off it and hit the Sertraline.loads better!
    Tried to get down to 50mg from 100 but struggled.
    If I miss a couple of days I get incredibly light headed it’s unreal!
    Good luck chaps!!

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    I’ve been on 20mg Citalopram a day since 2008. I suspect I could come off it but I just prefer myself on it, just takes the edge of my personality so I’m more ‘normal’ and less angst. Although it’s been so long now, not sure I’m really the same person I was when I went on it any more!

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    Thanks all for the contributions. I’ve been on 50mg for 18 months now, really interesting to hear about losing interest in reading. I haven’t read a book to the end for… 18 months. I was blaming my phone… (Which, to be fair, probably is a contributing factor).

    My tricky bit is that the key stimulus for the issues that needed medicating has been resolved, but I start a mega stressful new job in September. I’ll need to be fully switched on for it. Stay on, or not?

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    I’ve been 50/100 alternating for about a fortnight, will go to 50 shortly as feeling fine.
    As others have said, life changes and the problems are dealt with/removed, at which point it’s right to try and go without the crutches.

    No one here is weird. I say you’re brave to face the problems and deal with them, and brave to come and admit it to help others, well done gents!

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    I came off 50mg 8 weeks ago.
    Was on it for 12-15 months.

    I’m already unbearable again.

    Snapping at the kids.
    Snapping at the wife.
    The snapping is usually because my mind is reeling and my thought process (anxious thought process) is interrupted. I can’t give my kids time when I’m too busy thinking about the potential failings and disasters that may occur around me.
    It’s funny because I have insight into my behaviour but I can’t change without drugs.
    I’ve been on and off ssri meds for 20 years.
    Same patterns but these days I’ve got more people to consider.

    For me:


    I’m much more tolerable. Even to myself.
    I’m nicer to my family.
    I’m less bothered by trivial crap.
    My mind doesn’t reel and repeat.

    It’s just masking.
    Weight gain.
    Lack of interest in art forms (can’t watch a film, series, read a book etc, not interested).
    Sometimes you just want to feel something no?

    I’m 90% certain I’m going back on it next week. I’m ok with that.

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    @olly2097 I feel you.
    I’ve been on and off ssri’s for 3 years now. I was on Sertraline at 25mg after my ptsd and depression got so bad after being knocked off and back broken that I had two occasions where I contemplated suicide. I lost my late father the same way and there were uncomfortable parallels going on in my head. I needed the help the Sertraline gave me. Stayed on it 18 months then came off. No taper. Went back on it last April after serious stress and anxiety from the ‘rona and juggling a 3 year old and a full time job. Came off again late autumn. Back on again this year after a round of antibiotics absolutely rinsed my gut and my body went into a full on anxious reaction for several weeks. Genuinely terrified of what was happening. With hindsight I can see it was gut anxiety but at the time I was convinced I had been ‘floxed’. Anyway I’m back on the 25mg Sertraline now for 2-3 weeks and at the moment struggling with feeling fatigued a lot of the time. I have to remind myself that I couldn’t be doing the riding in doing if I was genuinely fatigued or suffering but the mind is a wicked master.

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    Apropos of nothing,

    I was talking to a mate last night who over the years has been on and off just about every SSRI and SNRI going. He said that Sertraline was one of the worst to try and come off. I’ve watched someone come off Citalopram and that was a car crash, he likened Citalopram to “My First Antidepressant” by comparison so I can scarcely imagine what this stuff must be like.

    Everyone’s different though I suppose.

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    He said that Sertraline was one of the worst to try and come off

    Given the peaky-troughy nature of levels with Sertraline (mostly due to its short half life in the body), I can believe it.

    If and when I try to give it a go I am going to buy a good set of pill cutters so I can microdose more regularly to achieve a smoother taper. I may even do a spreadsheet of anticipated hourly levels to work out a regimen. 😳

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    No one here is weird. I say you’re brave to face the problems and deal with them, and brave to come and admit it to help others, well done gents!


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    I’ve watched someone come off Citalopram and that was a car crash

    Were you hiding in my garden this time last year? We’ve talked about this Cougar

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    Have we? I’m bad with usernames, sorry.

    I was referring to my partner of the time. Two of them in fact.

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    Wowsers I’m a lucky sod then that I neither have bad side effects, nor found it hard to come off first time.

    For Completeness I was on fluoxitene for err. 9 or so months iirc, about 9 years ago now, equally I found that a very helpful drug with no bad Side effects and easy to come off.

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    I’ve taken SSRIs (mostly fluoxetine) a number of times over the past 20-odd years and they’ve been a lifesaver at times. In my experience it does take a few weeks to get back to normal after stopping them. I’ve also found counselling to be a huge help in dealing with anxiety, anger etc, which has helped me to spend more time off the meds than on them.

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    Grapefruit interacts with an enzyme that’s important in the metabolism of certain drugs, that’s why there’s a recommendation not to consume it when on certain meds. It alters the concentration of drug in the body, effectively changing the dose.

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    This has been a really good thread. Good luck OP.

    I’ve been on Sertraline for something like 5 years. The peaky – troughy comment was informative as that is certainly how I feel sometimes. And don’t mention the weight gain, I’ve gone from a 73kg racing snake to 80kg mamil (granted 80kg is not heavy as such but I do find it really hard to control my weight). I can read and enjoy a book, but do find it hard to stay focused on TV (I blame the quality of programmes tbh). I have also learnt to talk about my feelings (still really hard but I try) with the people that matter to me.

    When I look back at my behaviour pre S, I was just an angry little bastard: at work, on the bike, at home, everywhere. I **** hated even the smallest most insignificant thing, something that now does not even register on my radar. For me this is a definite plus, I don’t get aggressive with my family but can enjoy myself with them.

    When I was at my lowest point my marriage was on a knife edge and genuinely don’t think I would have coped with losing my wife and kids.

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    Were you hiding in my garden this time last year? We’ve talked about this Cougar

    Sorry, I was half asleep when I replied to this last night, I thought you were chastising me for forgetting a conversation. I see where you were going with it now. (-:

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    The weight gain is interesting…. Guilty, but it’s c-19 WFH not cycle commuting, plus a baby boy a year ago. The sertraline isn’t too blame, but I hope it doesn’t make it even harder to shift!

    I’ve been unable to concentrate on TV for years, DEFINITELY because so much is rubbish. The occasionally good thing I will watch and enjoy.

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    Hello all.

    Quick update:

    Things are improving.
    I feel a lot more stable – the anger has pretty much gone and it would appear that I can drive again, my observation, smoothness and awareness are much improved, almost back to how I was pre and during Sertraline.

    Obviously, this doesn’t just apply to driving 🙂. I’m trying to apply the same calmness and acceptance I felt whilst on Sertraline to my post Sertraline life.
    It’s working so far, fingers crossed.

    I’m using the tools I acquired during counselling to smooth the transition.
    I know it can work, the mind is a malleable thing.

    Many years ago I self medicated with various substances attempting to relieve anxiety.
    I think I may have reached a point where I can use the positive side of those experiences, plus the lessons learned from counselling and my time on Sertraline to maintain a state of non medicated stability, dare I say happiness?

    I’ve not been able to say that for a very long time.

    Thank you for listening, my very best wishes to you all.

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    Lovely update, well done.

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    Well I’m asking myself if I need to go back up to 100mg. I was angry yesterday and still am. A school I back on to is having work done in a very inconsiderate way, huge smokey bonfire all day yesterday was the worst. Other neighbours were annoyed too and fire brigade turned up, so my feelings weren’t exactly wrong, but it’s blown my concentration. Looks like they are at it again today too.

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    Good news Rusty.

    I’m at the beginning on my sertraline experience. One month in and a lot calmer and composed than I was so it’s having the desired effect.

    Getting used to the slightly numb feeling. Side effects ok although I’ve had a few days were I just felt completely dulled and uninterested in everything. I’ll take that trade though. CBT sessions are going ok.

    Just need to get out on the bike and try and blow the cobwebs out…

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    Good thread, thanks for sharing everyone. I for one am rubbish at opening up, and it’s refreshing hearing everyone’s experiences.

    It’s helped me reflect and aided my decision to come off the sertraline.

    I went on just over a year ago – stress with job, C19, becoming a new father, getting diagnosed with high blood pressure, major home improvements (some unplanned), not getting out on the bike as much which was my main bit of relief, all led to anxiety and depression building.

    Doc put me on 50mg then 100mg which I’ve been taking for over a year now. I found it balanced me out and smoothed out the lows, but I’ve been using it as a crutch, rather than sorting out the root cause.

    Whilst the pills were a lifesaver and balanced me out, I’ve not liked how ‘numb’ and apathetic I’ve felt. I’ve also put on a lot of weight and have just been coping really, and have struggled with motivation and procrastination.

    I understand myself better these days and am getting better at managing my emotions, and now I’ve come off I feel like I’m much more in control of things, and I’m getting stuff done again. Counselling and CBTs have been key here, and I think before reacting now….well most of the time.

    But like OP, I’ve become an angry bastard which is getting better with time, but I have only been off a couple of weeks. One good thing is the grumpiness/anger has meant I’ve become more assertive and don’t just let things slide anymore, which has had a positive impact at home and work as I’m facing my problems again, rather than avoiding them.

    I still have the lows, but im having far more highs these days, and have started enjoying things again like reading, podcasts, and some TV. And feel like I’m slowly getting back to being ‘myself’ again.

    My counselor said I exhibit some behaviours that are common with ADHD or being on the spectrum somewhere, but I’ve not pursued a diagnosis. I might someday, but providing I can continue heading in the right direction then I don’t see the need right now.

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    I think I have ADHD. Obsession (car) and distraction (posting threads on STW about car instead of working) – check.

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    I’m currently on half a tablet every two days and the last week of my taper off and I definitely feel better without it. I needed it to get me on my feet again after some fairly traumatic events but after a while I realised that the flatness was making me unhappy, and just not really reacting to it. It did (as well as giving up the drink 5 years ago) allow me to unpack a lot of stuff and make a few realisations – one big one being pretty certain I have some form of AD (see an example of hyperfocus in my #26aintdead thread!) – and then realise that if that’s true, then part of the issue is the reaction to what otherwise neurotypical people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at, rejection sensitive dysphoria etc. isn’t really going to be cured by (these specific) meds.
    I can relate to many of the factors stated in the thread, but to the OP – anger has a very valid place, and it’s a natural and justified reaction to the sort of behaviour you’d been subject to from your boss. Maybe you’ve just let it out of the ever-filling bottle and now you’ll not have to (and endure the internal feelings that inevitably leads to)?

    I’ve definitely become more confident in saying my piece and not tolerating bad behaviour in work.. hopefully once people get over the initial shock at new and unexpected behaviour, they’ll give up their nonsense a bit

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    Thanks and good luck to the OP.
    I have been on 20mg fluoxetine for 3 months now, and feel so much better. I would love to hear others experience of fluoxetine. Also, how dose a DR decide what to recomend out of all the drugs available?

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    Fluoxitene is an antidepressant, sertraline is for anxiety, both are SSRI. I’ve been on both at different times and found them great. I’m lucky but seem to have minimal side effects. Although I’ve gained a bit of weight on the sertraline that’s lockdown and a baby so no cycling! I also think tbh, my angry episodes are 3 kids/lack of sleep and no time to myself to chill! Anyway, I’m settled down in 50mg sertraline now. I would even consider coming off but should probably stay on 50 a while longer.

    Best of luck all

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    As others have alluded to, this is a great thread.  I’ve been on sertraline for about 5months now, mainly due to the breakdown of my marriage, over the next month or so I’m expecting life to have settled again so I’m planning on coming off the meds then.  I’ve taken note of the above, and know if I miss a couple of days I’m not great.

    I’m tempted to book a week off work when I come off them and get stuck into a DIY project…


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    I tried sertraline a few times but the side effects were just too much for me. My system tends to react heavily to any drug. I actually had a huge 3 day acid like trip reaction the last time I tried.
    The only thing that’s worked for me is to de stress my life as much as possible.
    I’m single and have made a decision to remain so as I cant really handle the emotions of a relationship.
    I suspect I’m also on the adhd spectrum but a lot of us are simply being over stimulated by our environment which makes what would have been 200 years ago a latent condition now a prominent one. Very much a hunter gatherer type who loves to hyper focus but struggles to manage the farm.

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    Fluoxitene is an antidepressant, sertraline is for anxiety

    I understood both to be anti-depressants.

    I was on fluoxetine previously and found it very ‘heavy’ compared to sertraline. It was effective but it made me feel quite numb and detached from stuff and I also put on a lot of weight. Personally I find sertraline far less ‘invasive’ for want of a better word.

    Different people react differently at different times though.

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    Yes and no. Both are SSRI and…well…

    It’s an antidepressant but used to treat, among other things, panic attacks and anxiety.

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    Yeah I’m going back on them.
    It’s 0020. Still up pondering.
    Tomorrow I’m going to cyb to ride mbr and y slab with a friend. Ideal.
    Then to the caravan for the weekend with wife and kids.
    Have some fun and quality family time after a busy week at work.
    Pay day Monday.
    All is good….
    Somehow I feel empty inside and very worried that I’m missing out on something. Never quite living in the moment. Always thinking “what if” and “why was that”. Never in the here and now. Makes it hard to enjoy life.
    I could have everything and I’d still be missing something. Surrounded by people who love me but still be very lonely in my head.
    Sertraline switches that shit off. Shame it makes me eat and makes me tired.
    Life is for living, only here once and I embrace it as much as I can. Just can’t get rid of my own thoughts without pills.

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    Sorry to ‘but in’ but I didn’t want to start a whole new thread, I’ve already poured my guts out on here once (or 5 times), but I’ve love to know others experiences of starting on ADs rather than sacking them off.

    Anyway, after a couple of rough months and a ‘moment’ when I all but accused my wife of cheating on me, I’ve been given 20mg of Citalopram, I’ve been taking them for 7 days, and holy hell, they’re horrible.

    My Anxiety is much worse, I’m tired all the time, My appetite is gone and I seem to sweat constantly.

    So, in short, I feel worse, way worse, I look like shit, I’m sure my Wife thinks I’m a miserable sod to be around as she seems to be doing anything to stay away from me and I honeslty don’t know if that’s real, paranoia or anxiety talking.

    I’m a bit dishearten to read about all the effects, the lack of joy for ‘art’ and worse, weight gain and lack of love of riding.

    I’m come very close to giving up on them, I’m sure the initial side-effects with ease soon, another few days, another week, two? I’m not sure I can take that, if the reward at the end is a sense of general numbness, weight gain and apathy.

    My Dr says “they don’t work” anyway, and didn’t really want to give them to me. I’ve got a telephone appointment with a the Mental Health nurse in a week, but last time they just gave me a CBT app, which didn’t really help.

    My usual M.O. is to try to fix all the things that are causing me anxiety, but I’m not sure I can, some problems just can’t be fixed, and even if I can, my Anxiety will just leap to something else.

    Any care so share how they felt getting started on them? A week seems a very long time at the moment.

    Premier Icon grum
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    Different people get different side effects, it’s not a given that stuff will happen. And what’s the alternative? The evidence shows that medication works best when combined with some kind of talking therapy, but tbh you may have to go private to get what you need.

    The pills won’t ‘make you better’ but they may allow you the space to make changes and get better yourself/with some help.

    My Dr says “they don’t work” anyway, and didn’t really want to give them to me.

    This sounds weird.

    I don’t know anything about citalopram but you need to go back to your doctor if you are having really bad side effects. They will tend to settle down in the short-medium term though I think.

    Premier Icon savoyad
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    @p-jay can you find a different GP, if only for this? From the same practice even? That’s a pretty rubbish start.
    (OK back to your actual question, which I can’t help with).

    Premier Icon davros
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    My advice would be to stick with it if you can. The first week was the worst for me (not citalopram). You may be through the worst. Try not to predict what side effects you might have. I did this and it wasn’t helpful! Obviously the nature of anxiety is to jump to the worst outcome and that’s where you are now. See if you can focus on taking it one day at a time. You’ve done a week, you can do another. Hang on for the benefits.

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    P-Jay I’m not a doctor etc etc

    It takes about 4-6 weeks for citalopram to start working, sweating and tiredness are both very common side effects. I think 20mg is a common dose for adults and I think it’s pretty common when you start them to be more anxious.

    Premier Icon shedbrewed
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    @P-Jay What @nickc wrote above is correct regarding side effects. I would also say this having been in your position on citalopram; speak to your gp and tell them. If that medication is not for you then others may work better. Sertraline is currently working for me.
    On citalopram I had the side effects you describe and a pounding heart, higher blood pressure and aching body. I tried for 3 weeks and kept telling myself; it’s the side effects, it’s anxiety, it will pass.
    What I should have done is speak to the gp after the first week and saved myself from the fortnight of awfulness.

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    I started (20mg Fluoxetine), and I was lucky, as the only real side effect was inability to sleep for a few days, and I lost my apatite for a little bit.

    Overall I feel a lot better, but I am becoming aware of a bit of emotional numbness.

    To the OP: maybe try hanging in bit longer, but also, perhaps have a catch up with a (different) DR.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

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    P-jay – stick with it. Took 4-5 weeks for it to kick in for me (same dosage), and very up and down in that time.

    Both my GP and the dispensing pharmacist warned me about that. It’s taken a while for your head to get scrambled, it will take a while to unscramble it.

    After a few weeks I woke up one morning and suddenly realised my mind wasn’t racing and I felt calmer and clearer. That was a good day.

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