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  • I fell off at Swinley today
  • 😳 In the car park. 😳

    Had just bought a coffee and was riding across towards the start of the trails, where one of our group had parked. Muddy, rooty bit around the gate. Yeah, I can do that one handed, without spilling a drop of coffee, I thought.

    Er, no. I couldn’t.

    Least gnar crash EVAH!

    Anyone else have any stupid crashes today? Or is it just me? 😳


    I put a foot down a couple of times at Swinley today…
    Toppled sideways off the tandem last week, just lost the ability to steer on a little narrow path in the mud.


    Did you get any mud on the tweed ?


    I was heading along a trail there was a big puddle (about 10’x15′) so I slowed down and just kept pedaling, then half way through my front wheel drops down a big pot hole! Cue comedy sideways fall as I tried to put my foot down but there was no ground to put it on! Fully submerged face and everything!

    Luckily nobody was looking

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    Me too.. riding through the bushes near the lookout – clipped a stealth stump and over I went! I think I got away with it though.. 😉


    Was it still this damp:


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    Went on a local ride with my gf, stopped at wet little bit rocky section and muttered the immortal words “watch out its a bit slippery”. Safe to say about 2 secs later I lost my from wheel and landed right on my knee! Normally I wear pads, today I didnt! Its a bit sore!


    Had a comedy off in the Swinley car park last summer before setting off. Sort of showing off doing an endo and took it a bit too far. Man of my age really ought to know better 😳

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    Paul wrote:

    Was it still this damp?

    Not quite…

    Hehe nice.

    I had a bit of a comedy one today too.

    Short local ride around the water park which involves a short slope drop to the riverbank. Today I decided to turn right at the bottom of the slope rather than my usual straight on. Down the bank, back brake, slide the back wheel out, ooh yeah this could work, but it just kept sliding resulting in a slow motion slide out resulting in me in a muddy puddle, lay on my side, but still on my bike at the bottom.

    Lay there giggling to myself for a while but thought I better get up as some dog walkers were approaching and they must have thought it a bit odd.


    I managed my first 180, might not impress you but I did it clipped in and neither wheel left the ground, bleeding downhill camber – was the wettest (*as in everywhere was sodden) I can remember, stuff that was firm 2 weeks ago was just hideous – squelcherama, loved the sunshine though

    I am not alone!

    *Raises glass to fellow pratfallers!*

    Had a spill on Dick on the Monkey, luckily it was quiet 😳


    Was it still this damp:

    I normally gauge the severity of conditions by the look on my wife’s face when she see’s the state I’m in.
    Arrived back from Swinley today & her look was somewhere between abject disapproval and unbridled disgust.

    Hence I gauge Swinley approx 7/10 on mud & grime scale today.

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