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  • I fell off and broke my Reverb Remote!
  • creamegg

    Youll be lucky if its only £50. Full remote assembly is closer to £90. Sounds like you’ve bust the remote piston so you need a replacement button kit but You may also have damaged the bore which means you need the whole lot

    Edit… Reading your op again, sounds like fluid may have come out when the hose came loose so try a bleed first. You may not have damaged the lever if it doesn’t feel broke?

    Bust mine on Saturday – dropped it off at Pedals this afternoon for repair – will let you know how much £££ it costs! Basically a button seems to cost about £40 plus labour. Full remote over £100 plus labour/bleeding etc. Shocker..


    Ive repaired them before, i wouldn’t pay extra on top for someone to fix it. Only takes 10 mins

    Hob Nob

    There was a guy on here who had a friend who had some machined up & was selling them for something like £20. Might be worth hunting the post out.

    It should work, assuming the inside of the lever body hasn’t been scored so it leaks.


    I snapped the button piston on mine when I crashed. I tried using it after without realising it had snapped and it scored the inside of the remote assembly rendering it useless. If I were in your position I would disassemble and inspect before doing a full bleed and operation. A button is a lot cheaper than the whole remote assy!

    Any help much appreciated. I’ve looked and hopefully dont want to pay £50 for just a remote.

    When I came off the hose came out of the remote and the remote maybe could have taken a hit. ATM the remote button is completely compressed. Does this mean its bust or just because the hose isnt pushing fluid against it it isnt pushing out?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    Thanks for the input guys, upon inspecting it I think the button itself is fine but I think something which connects to the inside of the hose may have snapped off 😕


    Did the same thing coming down Jacobs ladder, thought I had just ripped the hose out but upon later inspection the barb had snapped and something in the lever broke, figured this out after bleeding it with a new barb inserted and the lever was still compressed 🙁

    Gave it to grip cycles who returned it to rockshox and they just sent me complete new one, only had to pay the postage cost. Bought it 2nd hand form here too so it might be worth trying your luck with them.


    As it happens i have one on my desk which is waiting to be fixed. Heres what it looks like taken apart…

    Premier Icon Pook

    That little silver but in the middle is £45. I did mine but then the bleed was a pain in the arse. Took it to the lbs who did it for a tenner


    I’d be buying a 2nd full post if I was quoted over a ton to repair/replace a lever, at least it gives you spares should something else goes

    Premier Icon kimbers

    a hundred quid to fix!

    gravity dropper ftw!

    or if you like em a bit less agricultural


    Just out of interest was the lever mounted on top of your bars or upside down?


    I’ve broken reverb levers which have been mounted both on top side and underside of bars so neither setup is immune from damage.

    Premier Icon lungman

    Done this myself, the snapped barb will unscrew, then buy a new barb, £10 off ebay . Screw it back in, cut the hose to remove the broken barb and screw the hose onto the barb. If your lucky only the remote will need bleeding but most likely the whole system. All in all £10 to buy and about 30mins to do.instructions on bleeding on utube.

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Yeah, I think the Mrs will be getting a Lev… 😕

    Just got mine back from Pedals Edinburgh. £62 in all including all parts, fitting and bleed. Top service as always from them.

    Freeride Cycles in disley hooked me up! £7 for the new barb.

    justatheory, for what its worth now, a week later. Nope! it was mounted the correct way.

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