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  • I don't want to worry anyone, but….
  • Premier Icon binners

    There appears to be a sort of…. Well, I’m not sure quite what it is really. For want of a better description… A bright orange ball in the sky. And rather worryingly, its emitting heat!!

    What’s even odder is that, rather than inducing panic, it seems to be making people smile. It’s all very, very strange!

    I don’t suppose anyone knows what it is…. ?


    Not a clue, can’t see it here… Only grey

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I thought you lived in the Manchester area ?

    … otherwise what you’re describing would be “the sun”

    Premier Icon binners

    Well I’ve just returned from daaaarn saaaarf this morning. The bloody things following me!!! Scary! God knows what the locals are going to make of it! I might get burnt as a witch!!!


    it’s the reflection in the clouds from my rim tape!


    3rd fa cup day, traditional init!

    Premier Icon Pook

    tell hora to pull his pants up.


    It’ll be gone soon as I decided to clean my bikes today. Sorry about that.


    i spose those faddy fat bike riders will want their own bike parking soon, tut.


    Hope it isn’t 2012DA14

    Premier Icon mountainman

    It’s showing in wild west wales too, bl–ding typical cause i’m working till 4 tomorrow.

    New bike n not even rolled the rubber yet.!:((

    Premier Icon iainc

    Just in from a lovely 20 hilly road miles. I usually count how many other bikes I see in the loop and gave up at 30 today 🙂

    Out on the road bike around Rivington this morning. Lots of happy looking cyclists.

    Some of the mountain bikers will be sat at home confused now though because of the two roadies that nodded or said hello to them. Don’t panic, that was probably just me and my brother. 😀

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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