I don't know about f**tball, why is it the manager's fault?

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  • I don't know about f**tball, why is it the manager's fault?
  • Too many issues to discuss at any length really – and lots of points already brought up that could be discussed on their own. IMHO though:

    1. Manager is partly to blame. He did a great job during the qualification round and then went mental for the final prep and squad announcements. His own standards for picking players went out the window and he recalled Carragher. What was that all about? He had a poor season in a poor Liverpool and yet he took Dawons who had a great season for Spurs. And it emerged he was even trying to persuade Scholes back to the squad. Absolutely mental. His choice of teams was poor and his tactical decisions in the games was poor. Not sure what happened to him but to me he lost a huge amount of credibility with his choice of squad and tactics in the games. For that alone the powers that be have a rioght to ask him to explain himself.

    2. The players were shocking. Whatever the ball is like these are professional footballers who had plenty of tie to adapt to the new ball and yet couldn't string a decent set of passes together in the Algeria game. I have seen better team play in saturday and sunday league games and yet these are supposedly the best professionals in this country. Too many of the players were being played out of the position that they do very well for in their clubs. That's certainly part of the problem for Lampard and Gerrard. In their club setup they are very good players – but you also have to see the rest of the team around them. What is definitely clear is that these players are not as good as they think they are. Some decent players which were in the squad weren't even used. As mentioned above, Heskey on against Germany instead of Crouch? Crazy thinking. I still believe Rooney is a hugely talented player but he was not involved in any of the games in a way that allowed hiom to be effective. And then when he did get the ball it was a case of trying too hard or not having any support. Players too tired? Come on. They've just had the best part of a month off the full on competitive rigours of the premiership. They need to get back in touch with the real world and take some personal responsibility for theor performances.

    3. FA. Clueless and incompetent.

    4. Fans / followers. Fall a little to easily to the hype and get too dispapointed when the players cock it up. Deserve an award for their optimism though. 🙂

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