I don't know about f**tball, why is it the manager's fault?

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  • I don't know about f**tball, why is it the manager's fault?
  • Blacklug

    Tactics and team choice is the obvious answer to your question.

    But, I totally agree with you. The football managers always take the flack .. I guess its easier to get rid of them than the star players, even if the star players are shyt.


    Its the English mentality, they need to have someone to blame, the manager is the easy target.

    They just havent accepted yet that they are s**te at football, we up here accepted it a long time ago :mrgreen:


    Same with any team, if the manager couldn't identify the weak members and remove them it's his fault for fielding the team.

    to me simplistic view the manager was the only one who seemed to show ant passion.


    Simple reason is that the fans are muppets and it's easier to believe that it's the manager's fault as he's easy to replace whereas changing a whole team is a lot harder.


    why is it the manager's fault?

    Because he's a foreigner!


    He picked a poor team* and configured them in a less than ideal way and they played poorly – equal culpability.

    *Not necessarily poor players in themselves but they didn't gel together as a team.


    Surely it's a footballer's job to know how to score goals and that?

    Doesn't a manager just shout at them in the changing rooms?

    What else does a manager do that makes such a difference?


    Why the swear filter avoidance? One can actually write "football" here 🙂


    If capello gets sacked we deserve all thats coming to us. I hope he stays and gets to have the next euro championships with a new set of players, as there are certainly a few who are to old and I would not be surprised if lampard and maybe even terry were not picked.

    Edric 64

    Capello is probably quicker than the central two were yesterday,or at least blessed with more positional awareness


    it's the managers fault, he took john terry and made Gerrard captain.

    Oh wait, I think it's most of the press/supporters in England fault for overestimating the ability of the national team. Face it you're not that good and you went out at the right stage. Only good enough to get 2nd place in a weak group.

    Who seriously thought that England had a chance of winning it?

    Premier Icon Coyote

    it's the managers fault he took john terry



    Would that be the capello who played terry out of position who was in his usual [and now wrong] position for the goals brought on Heskey when you needed goals then brought on a left sided midfielder to play on the right whilst leaving your best midfielder on the left rather than play him in the hole he excels in whislt sticking to 4-4-2 depite lacking the players to do this?
    Certainly the players did not play well but his choices and style did not help "the cause".

    Edric 64

    I think we need to face up to the fact that football is truely a global game now .Very few teams get hammered constantly unlike the emerging nations dod in the 70s.Look how Greece have improved as well as some of the Asian countries and the African nations produce quality teams now

    Edric 64

    sticking to 4-4-2

    When against Algeria we could have gone 3-4-3 with Crouch up front as well as Rooney and Defoe as Algeria looked no more likely to score than us


    He made some serious mistakes in squad selection, team formation and tactical substitutions. But ultimately it's the players on the pitch who have the biggest influence and England simply aren't good enough. We can't keep the ball and bottle it under pressure.


    Regardless of the picking/positioning of the fellas on the field, they were the best that England had to offer by definition of their being there and were found wanting in every match. Not a troll, and certainly not a football fan but thats how I see it.


    im more of an eggshaped ball fan to be honest and not up on my footie.

    maybe a dull question but if roonie and the gang were unhappy with the manager and felt constrained by his tactics why couldnt they just say "f*** it" and play their own game, what did they have to loose, i mean if roonie went rambo and scored say 2 goals and they won the game he's hardly going to side line him for the next game is he?

    maybe i dont get it.

    Edric 64

    If Rooney scored 2 we would have only lost 4-3 or it would have been 4-4 with the other "goal"
    then we could have lost on penalties as usual!


    The loss to Germany wasn't the manager's fault.
    England were hit on the counter, the defensive lack of pace, inability to react to the guile of their opponents and lack of cutting edge going forwards was their downfall yesterday.

    The media hype before they left for the world cup was their other downfall.

    All the manager did was select them.

    He brought Heskey on when we needed 3 goals.

    Enough said. Our lass could have made an equally pathetic decision.

    Edric 64

    My 10 year old son and most of his team could have managed better than that for a tenner


    One of the biggest problems is the premier league. If the likes of Lampard, Milner, Upson, Johnson, Heskey, etc are the best we've got because of the diminishing amount of English players playing at the highest level, then as seen on Tv we're in trouble.

    I also think that the Manager has upset the self-centered prim-ma donas by actually introducing a more disciplined regime compared to the Mc Claren period.

    Premier Icon stufield

    2nd Heskey comments

    capello – right lads were 2 goals down, there's 20 mins left, we need someone to stick a few goals in and get us back in the game,
    Crouch (40 games, 21 goals for england) – right boss i'll go warm up
    capello – sit where you are lanky, emile get warming up
    heskey – (62 games, 7 goals) what's a goal boss?


    heskey – (62 games, 7 goals)

    four of them in friendlies. 🙂

    However, coming on as a substitute on the 71st minute to be expected to turn the game around against a rampant German side who were by then 3 goals up – we could have had a sub with the ability of Messi – and still got nothing. The game was lost by then.


    I also think that the Manager has upset the self-centered primadonnas by actually introducing a more disciplined regime compared to the McClaren period.

    Hammer on the proverbial nail. They dont like being told what to do.

    "Golden Generation" 🙄


    because he's paid £6 million


    how many english players are in la liga, serie A etc? None is it? They're insular goons, carried by overseas players who have a desire to go to another country with strange food and a different language. rooney wanting to stay at ManU for the rest of his career suggests he's a non-thinking xenophobic moron, and few of the others are any better. choose the easy option every time. stay close to mummy and fish fingers.

    if chelsea had to field an all english team, they'd be middle of the table. the players lack ambition. the coach is maybe used to working with different calibre of player who need to win for their own self esteem, rather than relying on a bentley and a skinny blonde.

    Premier Icon I_did_dab

    Its all the ball's fault. That terrible ball that even N. Korea seemed to get the hang of and England's best never managed to work out how to control, pass or shoot straight. Blame Adidas it's a conspiracy!
    Also interesting to see that foreign players in the premiership aren't suffering form the heavy workload – Tevez for example.
    Capello got England into the last 16 which is a fair result given the talent on offer.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    I'll start here by saying that I know next to nothing about football.

    However, a few years ago, the then management/officials of the England Football Squad went to Manchester to see how the GB Track Cycling Squad had managed to turn themselves around. this was before Beijing but even then Britain had suddenly come from almost nowhere (bar Boardman's gold at Barcelona) to a squad with serious potential which came to fruition at Beijing (as well as the previous World Track Championships).

    The wendyballers were shown what the squad do in training, the commitment, time and effort that goes into it, the psychology, physiology, nutrition, the tiny % gains that add up to total dominance and they basically said "we can't do this, the players would never agree to it"

    So until you have a team that actually wants to win it and shows a bit of commitment, we're stuck with crap performances while they sit there collecting their outrageous salaries every week and wondering what celeb gossip mag they can get in next. Can't believe the "they were tired" excuse – try riding a 2 Grand Tours plus a whole host of other major races, Classics etc, then come back and talk about being tired. Poncing round on a pitch for 90 minutes twice a week does not constitute "a heavy season" unless you haven't done any training.

    People moan about too many foreign players in the Premier League preventing young English talent coming through.

    Personally, I think that if the England team is to improve, more English players need to be plying their trade abroad. Technically, the English players are on a different planet to the Brazilians and Argentinians.


    The entire Italian world cup squad plays in Italy.
    The entire German world cup squad plays in Germany.
    And about 50:50 of the Dutch squad plays in Holland.

    So no conclusions should be drawn from where players ply their trade.

    "German striker Miroslav Klose said that while England were a better team on paper, Germany's ability to play as a unit made the difference in their last-16 encounter."

    And that's pretty much the nail on the head…

    more English players need to be plying their trade abroad. Technically, the English players are on a different planet to the Brazilians and Argentinians.

    Linekar, Gasgoine, Platt, Barnes, Waddle. One of our best England teams circa 1990 and they all played abroad IIRC. You may have a strong point.

    we're stuck with crap performances

    But that is a rubbish point – most teams across the globe would swap most players for most of the England squad due to their week in/week out performances.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    "how many english players are in la liga, serie A etc?"

    This, Uruguay have 2 players who play in Uruguay, none in the prem. Brazil Team is spread around Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Germany. We import a whole lot of skill because we don't have it here.

    Premier Icon Lifer

    The entire German world cup squad plays in Germany.

    And the Bundesliga has rules regarding a minimum amount of home grown players a match day squad has to have, and a minimum amount of players under 23(?).

    The Budesliga also has much stricter rules on debt, so the teams can't piss away millions on big name players and have a bigger incentive to find and develop home grown talent.

    EDIT: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/davidbond/2010/06/germans_rich_pedigree_casts_la.html

    Berm Bandit

    Lots and lots of issues

    1) Ball. Germany and Argentina have played a season with it as their leagues are sponsored by the manufacturer. Watch the game again and see how many times England over hit the pass etc., Definate issue IMHO
    2) Selection: No injured and no off form players my arse! Ledley King, serial sick note injured shocker! Rio Ferdinand been injured and off form pretty much all season breaks in training shocker, John Terry head still up own arris shocker.. c'mon who is kidding who?
    3) Repeating Mistakes: Any footy fan in England could tell you that Heskey, Wright-Phillips and Defoe are simply not good enough. They've proved it time and again, and shockingly they still aren't. Likewise that Lampard and Gerrard can't play togther. Carragher… threw his toys because he wasn't getting selected…. anyone consider the possibility that Sven was right?
    4) Joe Cole: Has not been a regular for his club for some long time under several managers and has just been released after a long spell of injury and is definately not match fit. So a) why was he in the squad and b) why do the fans/press etc call for him to come on?
    5)Dilettante syndrome: Frankly there are virtually none of these guys who are fit to wipe Major Phil Packers bum. Tired? … Pressure? Try doing a marathon when you are a paraplegic to sus out tired, try keeping a family going on £180 a week instead of £180,000….thats pressure!

    Frankly the whole shebang was a cluster **** and needs a lot of heads to be rolling. Not just the usual sacrificial manager cull!

    Twunts the lot of em…

    Suffice to say my season ticket holder days terminated around about the time the Premier League was formed.


    There's some really interesting stuff coming out at the moment concerning Howard Wilkinsons report to thr FA regarding the progression of the game. We're still virtually in the days of Charles Hughes and nothing has been noticed because the Prem continues to be a commercial success and that's what really bothers the FA.

    The real problem at the FA is that the only football man in the whole organisation is Trevor Brooking and it's just not enough.

    Little sign of any real progression on the horizon either.

    Premier Icon stufield

    we're so arrogant that we didn't even enter until 1950 as of course we're the best we invented the game!

    one of the following teams have been in every final

    Italy / Argentina / Germany / Brazil

    Only 3 countries outside this group have actual ever won the cup

    Uruguay – twice

    These were all host countries for the event apart from 1 win for Uruguay.

    Were not in their league, Qtrs maybe semi final was the best we could have got away with.

    Best chance is to put everything into 2018 and hope for home advantage

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