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  • I can't make a decision. Argh.
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    time is always more important than money. hope that wasnt too obscure for you.

    Premier Icon jam bo

    unless you haven't got enough money


    do what scares you most – you'll enjoy it the most

    worst case scenario rarely happens, and if it does, you'll be fine

    there is never a right time to do anything and people are programmed to put you off the scary stuff – ignore everyone


    Secondment 2 might be a good option from what you say above. It might open up other opportunities and if it's shite, it's only for 6 months and you don't have the upheaval of a move to London and no biking. In the meantime it gives you thinking time to weigh up the "job you've always wanted".

    I reckon if you want the career AND the work/life balance, you have to make short term sacrifices to the latter.

    If it's not too nosey, what is the "job you've always wanted"? There might be someone who can offer some experience/advice on here.


    It seems you're not too happy in your current place of work and probably a break away will sharpen your focus so take the secondment in London or Edinburgh, get a cheap road bike to cycle around on, save the extra money, use the 6 month secondment to learn new skills and widen your network and look for other career opportunities.

    Good luck whatever you do.

    well, the job i have always wanted was the one i was in – but technically, that doesn't exist anymore – new manager, new direction for the team. i stepped out of my 'dream job' for a temporary promotion and am likely to be in this role going forward, minus the money.

    the secondment options are scary i guess, but i suppose any change is. i just can't get my head round wanting to leave somewhere that i've always wanted to work, even if only for a secondment – and then when i come back, there's a chance i won't even be in a comms role – i could be in a policy/foresters role – basically they don't have to keep my job open for me, just a job somewhere for me at the same level.

    with 5 bikes, i've got more than enough bikes to survive wherever i end up! 🙂

    Hoping some advice from the stw massive might give me a gut reaction… I've gone over it with friends, but not getting anywhere.

    I'm reviewing my career options. So far they are:

    1) Stay where I am but my role will change when my boss comes back from maternity leave – not sure what it will involve. Pay stays the same and work life balance is good. Job satisfaction has previously been high, but low over the last 9 months as I'm on a temp promotion that I'm not enjoying. Not sure what it will be like going forward as lots of change in pipeline.

    2) Secondments. Two options, one a 6 month on in London – more pay, relocation covered, high profile job, good on the CV, no work life balance, relocation stress/settling in worries and no mtb'ing. Another is in edinburgh, same pay, less work life balance, but good experience and possibility of getting to next stage in my career. Again, downside is starting over/settling into a new role, but plus is very little else other than my job will change as i don't need to relocate etc. Downside to both is they can't guarantee that I will come back to this role – I will always have a job at this level, but might be doing something I hate. Plus, self confidence isn't great at the moment for a variety of reasons, and starting a fresh is a bit daunting, but then it probably always is.

    3) Applying for a job that I've always quite fancied, but less money, less work life balance and no flexi time.

    I can't decide – too many options. Work life balance is important as I like to get away early/be flexible to ride, but I'm only 29, maybe I should be considered developing my career for a couple of years and take the hit on work/life balance….??

    And I need to make a decision today, or Monday at the latest…. Argh!!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Building career can be important when you are young. I am working on my financial situation currently even though it's a ball-ache.

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I'd like to think I'd go for 2b.

    Sounds great.

    And although it might be scary, it'll do wonders for your self confidence.


    On the whole, I guess it depends on whether you think you have a career or a job;

    If it's a career, then it sounds like you will need to give up something to get on. Only the very few are lucky enough to progress without giving up extra time and accepting the additional stress that promoted positions tend to accumulate. However, if you really need the additional financial benefits, then you have little option.

    If it's a job, then realise it's just that, lower your stress levels and just concentrate more on life out-of-work and just see what other opportunities arise. On the work-life balance thing – when you're on your deathbed, do you think you'll be thinking to yourself "I wish I'd worked longer hours"?

    To me, you'd be better with option 1 and see what arises when your boss gets back. It's maternity leave? She may well decide she'd rather be at home with the kid(s) after all. That happens a lot and might open a door for you. While you might not have enjoyed the role fully in the past, knowing it's permanent could change that for you as you're then more in control.

    For you personally, I think a secondment in London could be a useful bit of experience, but I can't see you giving up free time to do so.


    I don't believe any ones last words were "I wish I'd spent more time in the office"

    The only life you know you have is now. You can't save it up to use later.

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