I can assure you, occifer, it’s jusht a little sciatica……..HIC!

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  • I can assure you, occifer, it’s jusht a little sciatica……..HIC!
  • https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/eu-chief-jean-claude-juncker-12907409

    Or, is he totally off his tits on the good Bordeaux again? Either way, he shouldn’t be in the public eye if he’s like that.

    I think it’s been fairly common knowledge for a while that he’s got a huge problem with alcohol.

    He should be persuaded (in the Cosa Nostra sense of the word) to step down so he can either seek help he so clearly needs or continue the descent into full-blown alcoholism/organ failure/death behind closed doors, because nobody in his position should be behaving like that in public and neither does it paint his “enablers” – i.e. those around him trying to bluff for the cameras – in a good light.

    Well, yes. If it is the bottle, he needs to get help. As you say, no one needs to see, or have, that descent in public.

    As to those around him, I’m not sure they’re enabling so much as protecting, or at least that’s what I hope it is. However, it does look ridiculous, I agree.

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    Everyone in any way associated with the EU side of “you know what” negotiations has agreed to be off their tits on something at all times, just to give the UK a bit of a chance


    just in case you get it wrong too.

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    I googled this a bit and a brilliant article came up on Telegraph

    <span class=”m_first-letter m_first-letter–flagged”>T</span>he controversial head of the European Commission has denied that he has a problem with alcohol during an interview in which he drank four glasses of champagne.


    That’s not a bit tipsy is it, steaming trollied, I would say. At Work too!


    Well done that man. Looks like he knows how to enjoy himself.


    My nans been lying to me about her arthritis and thrombosis the whole time, what a bitch.

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    At 0.50 is he thinking ‘am I the only person seeing this?’


    “It really makes me sad and it has even led my wife to question if I lie to her, as I do not drink when I’m home.”

    Yeah, well, that’s what people with a drink problem do, lie about their drinking! I have personal experience of this, and it’s not me drinking, either.

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    I was a bit like that at the last Phoenix festival!

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