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  • I came face to face with a Badger!
  • jekkyl

    I went out for a city ride last night and I was coming through a local park when a Badger crossed my path, so I stopped & the Badger stopped in the undergrowth & turned to face me! It sorta sat back on its haunches & raised a paw! I swear I heard a little growl & it sat there dazzled in my helmet light for what seemed like ages. I reached for my phone to get a pic and it turned & ran into the woods. Awesome!

    Still never seen a live, non-road kill badger.

    Good thing you didn’t hit the little blighter, I hear they’re pretty solid.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    you probably have TB now!


    I’ve once turned a corner and almost stood on one. papped it – they are massive and very stocky, surprisingly low and wide


    Did you growl at a badger?


    They can move surprisingly quick when they want to be. Mum gets them in the garden all the time. I. Think the record was 5 at the same time.
    The fully grown boars are rather solid to lift too.


    In lincolnshire were quite privileged with wildlife but some of the more memorable ones being when we were going past a woodland an could hear some scampering about an a muntjac deer ran out an clipped rogs rear wheel , I’ve also seen my mate gav with a pheasant between his arms an chest not sure how he managed to stay on , another lad from horncastle claims to have had a juvenile badger in the center triangle of his bike he got off it pretty bloody quick an let the angry badger help himself out didn’t get to see that myself tho!


    claims to have had a juvenile badger in the center triangle

    I sniggered at this. I am a child

    Herman Shake

    We have a sett behind the end of our garden 😀

    When we first moved in we saw one, and over the years it’s gone up to about 5. The babies make a rather cute giggling sound which goes when they mature.

    There are 3 entrances we can see, the structures are fascinating. They have bedrooms (which they rotate between every few days), corridors, toilets and ventilation systems.


    Report it to the council so someone can come a shoot its face off with a shotgun before all the local rats get TB.


    I must must must not look up anything to with badgers on the Internet
    I must must must not look up anything to with badgers on the Internet
    I must must must not look up anything to with badgers on the Internet
    I must must must not …

    Premier Icon zippykona

    Always remember johnny kingdom camping out on exmoor to see one.
    He could have looked at the one who lives under my shed.


    Lol @ rusty!

    Never seen a live badger myself but do come accross a rather large amount of deer.

    The Fopster

    Was solo night riding in a wood in Sweden a couple of weeks ago. Nearly taken out by a deer jumping across the track, but also got chased by something low and stocky. Locals guess it was a badger trying to sink its jaws into my rear tyre. Almost enough to make me go tubeless…

    Also saw one in Blighty who was much less bold. He ran away but there was nowhere to leave the trail so I followed him closely for about 30 meters before he darted off into trees. Surprisingly quick for something with short fat hairy legs. The badger, that is…




    Badgers, foxes, see them all when out riding locally. Deer are the most common thing I see though. One nearly knocked me off my bike once in Sherwood pines!! Round the back of the woods where the old jump site used to be. Big bugger too!!


    Badgers don’t have especially good eyesight, so any apparent reluctance to move might be down to a bit of badger SMIDSY, they do have decent [enough] hearing and well developed sense of smell tho’, so you maybe won’t catch them unawares too often. I wouldn’t like to scare one – being bitten by a badger is a pretty long way down my list of ‘things to try before I die’; they have a lot of bite force (and very strong claws).

    If it’s a ‘busy’ place, they’ll get habituated to an extent – I was in a bit of local semi-urban woodland a couple o’ weeks back – on a path which is used by dozens of dog-walkers on a daily basis and there, quite happily waltzing up the path in front of me, was a young female Roe, in no hurry whatsoever, only casting the occasional, slightly annoyed look behind her as she went (she was a nice looking doe too). 😉

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    Managed to hit one on a night ride last year. I was leading down a BW and must have disturbed it. The rider behind me hit it as it shot out from the undergrowth. He went over the bars and the badger carried on across a field uninjured.


    I see them all the time. One night I was riding along a disused railway line and disturbed one. He then proceeded to jog slowly up the line in front of me for about a mile. I didn’t want to overtake as he might have got angry at me so I just had to wait until he found a trail to pull off into. Eventually he did and in a little celebration I started singing ^^^^that badgers song to him. He turned round on the trail, growled and started chasing me! I LOL’d once I had managed to escape.

    Premier Icon leftyboy

    Where I ride, near Winchester, there are several large setts on several of our night ride routes.

    A fully grown badger can give you a very nasty bite, their back legs are very strong and have very large nasty looking claws. They are actually OK except when they have young cubs at which time they can be quite aggressive and will chase you if you get to close.

    Recently I had two cubs run in front of me on a fastish downhill and I don’t know if I was more worried about running a cub over or having their dad chasing me?


    They are awesome little fellas, I see quite a few in my local area on night rides and also during the summer whilst out running at dawn through the woods.
    I have met face to face with a couple on a few occassions and love the way that they stand up to anything in their path, briefly, before running off.
    Won’t mention the location as the shooters from the Gov will probably head down there for some target practice.

    Premier Icon joat

    They can dig holes quicker than a man with a spade apparently, so if you could tame and train one, they’d be great for trail building in the dark.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    We see loads. I had one run into me and then between the wheels. Felt very solid! Mate was thrown over the bars by one dashing out in front of him last year. Caused total carnage. Badger was fine.


    lol.. @ Badger carnage!


    I had one run along in front of me in the car last year and instead of darting off into the ferns,it stopped at the side of the road,turned around and gave the car a bit of attitude! I had one run along in front of me night riding offroad a while back but it managed to get out of the way without making a fuss.. although riding up a steep climb in the dark down Loch Ness with a very low setting on the front light (along with the silence of the road bike) enabled me to ride up to,and alongside a badger foraging at the roadside without it knowing I was riding past it.

    Either deaf as fek or blind.. maybe a bit of both!


    Did he have tubeless tyres?


    Why is that badger doing a cock dance?


    Met a badger while out on a ride with my brother and a mate a while back. Full daylight, we stopped at the start of a new trail in Redlands for the customary game of ‘who goes first’ politeness. Heard a rustle in the bracken and a juvenile waddled out onto the path and stopped right between us all. The look of surprise on his face when he looked up was hysterical!
    We named the trail ‘Startled Badger’ after that. I still grin every time I ride it 😀


    Running between the wheels and running over the badger with a backwheel has happened to two of us on night rides. Badgers seem unfussed by it and keep on going. Very common round here and ate my childrens guinea pigs. (maybe a revenge attack for being run over)


    I was riding behind a mate once when a badger ran out between his wheels, he clipped its head with his pedal and ran over it with his back wheel, I’m sure it tried to take a chunk of his heel before running off seemingly unharmed! Viscous and hard as nails!!!

    Loads out on the downs, in fact i was riding at night down one of the local fast bits of singletrack called the Lion Trail and there was a badger running down the trail in front of me,must have been there for at least 20/30 seconds before he moved off the trail.

    Still see lots sqaushed ones on the country lanes near me, always makes me sad.


    I had the unfortunate job of scaring one on a night ride a couple of weeks ago, it topped out at just shy of 30mph before finding an escape route, they are quick over short distances!

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