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  • Hydromatic Briskers
  • Premier Icon submarined
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    Anyone using these yet? Are they actually waterproof?
    My ‘normal’ Briskers are my go to for about 6 months of the year due to Reynaud’s, but they’re starting to be more hole than glove, and waterproofness would be nice.
    CRC aren’t knocking them out any more it seems so they are going to be a bit more expensive, which is fine, but trying to see if the £30 odd rules them out in the face of better competition.
    Only other ones I’ve tried on are the Fox Attack Water thingies, and the fit was odd.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
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    Given how poorly the normal briskers last, I won’t bother again. My Orange ones were light peach after about 4 or 5 30 deg washes.

    Premier Icon submarined
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    To be fair, the colour on my ‘nominally flouro yellow’ ones faded pretty quick, and the transfers came off pretty quick, but the actual structure of the glove has lasted pretty damn well.

    Premier Icon nwmlarge
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    I have a pair, yet to use them as i’ve not ridden in the rain.

    Big fan of the normal ones and have had 4 pairs.

    Premier Icon bullandbladder
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    I deśtroy gloves pretty quickly and find the Briskers to be pretty resilient (other than the aforementioned fading).
    Not tried the Hydromatics myself but my mate has some. He says the liner part moving inside the outer glove can be a bit disconcerting.

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    I’ve got them and they work. However, hands get hot so they aren’t dry when you remove them, but they are warm.

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    I looked at them online yesterday – Chain Reaction have them for £12.50.
    However, I already have some insulated waterproof gloves (was wearing today – too hot), so got some of those Fox Attack Water ones from Evans for £17. They seem to not have insulation. Handy,sine it rains in summer in Scotland too! Pick them up tomorrow and will give them a go over the weekend, so will report back!

    Endura do an MT500 waterproof one, but they’re £40….

    Might be worth looking at Screwfix or something?

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    Just got a pair from CRC for £12.50,I like the normal briskers alot, and last pair have lasted well over a year(black seem not to fade) They look just as good and quite thin still,only thing is they are quite a tight fit to get on and off,with the longer cuff.Will be trying later today.Bit if a bargin for £12.50 if they offer a bit of waterproofing for spring/autumn

    Also have endura mt 500, they work well but a bit warm,and chunky for my liking, more of a colder season glove

    Premier Icon scaredypants
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    The fox attack ones are quite nice gloves IMO

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