Hydration question – RaceFace "Stash Tank" anybody?

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  • Hydration question – RaceFace "Stash Tank" anybody?
  • tealeith

    Like many others I’ve been recently trying to ditch wearing a Camelbak style hydration pack on my back, especially for short rides. They are heavy, sweaty and dangle around.

    I’ve been riding the last month or so with a simple waterbottle on the bike and with the bare essentials stuffed into jersey pockets – tube, tool, money, phone etc. etc…

    The weather is warming up nicely now during daytime rides and I’m very quickly discovering that of course, a 750ml waterbottle is simply not enough for a 3-4 hour ride in the sunshine. My bike doesn’t have a second bottle cage mount so I’m back to the Camelbak.

    Has anyone ridden with the RaceFace “Stash Tank” ??? – see below for the URLs (first is RaceFace site, the second links to purchasing one at Silverfish)

    I’m wondering what they are like to ride with, the bladder is a lot closer to the body so shouldn’t jiggle around so much, and just the few rear pockets should make it that you only take essentials and don’t start to take the kitchen sink on a ride (this is the problem with rucksacks.)

    I’m also wondering if anyone knows of any shops that actually sell RaceFace stuff. You can clearly buy from Silverfish but it would be nice to see their product(s) first-hand.

    I’m in Surrey but anywhere in the South-East would be ok for a shop-visit.

    Thanks in advance….




    Wouldn’t want to be falling on that water bottle. Youch!


    Yeah, I wouldn’t use it to carry a standard watter bottle like that, I would insert a proper bladder into the pocket on the upper back part.

    I’d always imagined that the water would get warm very quickly, and the only way to address that would be to have some form of insulation, which means you’d be sweating yer bollocks off.

    I’m oot!

    Edit – Sorry, I thought it was one of those sort of ‘bladders that you wear type thing’. Looks not too bad.

    Premier Icon danposs86

    What about them back-fanny-packs that I have seen enduro riders wearing?

    Premier Icon nuke

    Similar issue as you with hydration packs; I like Wingnuts packs with their lower back position keeping you’re back cooler but the Hyper I had was too big for local short rides so I went with…

    Its minimal/just enough…you’re not going to get much more that the basics (pump, spare inner tube, few tools, couple of snacks)and I use it with a 1.25L bladder (although it could maybe take a bit larger). Combine with 1 bottle, thats 2L which is good enough for up to 3ish hours for me

    I imported mine from US (With duty it came in at £70! 😯 ) but probably only person with a yellow one in country 8)

    What about them back-fanny-packs that I have seen enduro riders wearing?

    I had a Camelbak bumbag style pack first but, given no shoulder straps, with the weight of the water, they sink down meaning you have to do them up pretty tight. I use the bladder from mine in the Wingnut Assault now ^


    Hmmm, wingnut looks interesting.

    Any ideas on where you can actually see Race Face stuff rather than having to order blind through Silverfish?


    Another option for you…

    When I want two bottles, I just put a collapsible platypus bottle in my middle jersey pocket.

    Looks like this:

    Though I think mine’s about 500-700ml.

    Though I’ve also put a normal bottle in a jersey pocket and that’s not too bad, though the platypus is better as it’s a flatter softer shape.


    Nobeerinthefridge – thanks for Evans link. Can’t believe I didn’t look at one of the most obvious places. May order in to a local store and take a look / feel. I can cancel and get money back if no good.

    IA – squishy bottle looks like an idea too, can use it as a refill to the main bottle once that’s gone. Thanks.


    Squishy bottle does look like a good idea. I’ve got Specialized SWAT bibs that do the same kind of job as the RF kit – it’s actually surprisingly comfortable fully loaded, definitely better than wearing a huck sack

    P.S. UK link for the bottles: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Platypus-Soft-Bottle-Push-Pull-Cap/dp/B00BG7SUCQ


    I just put a collapsible platypus bottle in my middle jersey pocket.

    i do that except i use a a refilled capri-sun pouch,

    of course, a 750ml waterbottle is simply not enough for a 3-4 hour ride in the sunshine

    use a bigger bottle? SIS ones come in at 1 litre


    or plan your route so your near a shop? even in the peaks for instance, your never “that” far from somewhere

    sports direct do folding ones for £1.50 as well


    Edric 64

    You can get bottle cages that take a 1.5 litre coke bottle .They have a strap round the neck to stop it bouncing out


    Cheers but there’s not much room in a Whyte T-129 or Yelli Screamy triangle for anything more than a 750ml bottle. As it is I have to use a side mount cage. May give the squidgy bottle a go.

    Edric 64

    Ah right ,my suggestion goes out the window then !!!

    Hob Nob

    I’ve got a squidgey bottle as a backup if I need more than 750ml.

    Works great.

    Although i’d probably rather dehydrate than have to wear a Camelbak out of choice.


    I have a pair of the Race Face stash bib shorts, I have only used them twice for two 3 hour rides and I am impressed with them.

    The water does get warm but not any more so than with my Camelbak. I use the pockets for bars, gels and a few tools. I also have a Swat bottle cage with bolt on multi tool, stem cap chain tool and a strap to secure a tube, co2 and tyre lever to the under side of my saddle.

    Really enjoy riding without a pack but would only use it for local loops.

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