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  • Hydration packs. Name yours.
  • I have two Wingnuts too – I’d not go back to regular rucksacks.

    For the record, I’ve also used a Dakine Drafter, Camelbak Rogue, Deuter Bike 25 and 12, Karrimor something and a few others that slip my mind (obviously made an impression).

    Other half has an Osprey Raptor which looks good. We had to get a replacement res though as it was punctured from new, and the hard element of it hurt my other half’s spine(!).

    If I were to use something other than a Wingnut, I’d be looking new Camelbak Octane or Ultra LR, Osprey or a Deuter.

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    Camelbak Octane 8 which is “just a bag” but lightweight and my favourite, more of a running pack as it has no compartents other thand hip pockets.

    Big day out = Leyzene All Pack – I do like it but it is so big I tend to fill every bit of it, so making it abit heavy. Like the bladder on it too.

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    Wingnut here too…


    Berghaus Bladdered


    I bought one for a tenner from Tesco and can’t fault it which surprised me.

    Well I suppose it did freeze skiing once.

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    Recently gone from a Wingnut Hyper (still ace and will come back out in summer) with Camelback Lumbar 2.5 bladder to a Dakine Amp12 with Hydrapack bladder, the Dakine is an awesome pack loads of pockets and storage and pretty comfortable, not too sweaty and the bladder is streets ahead of camelback. Best of all it was £25 with bladder at Wiggle (think I got the last one in the price drop sale)
    Before that I had the big Lezyne pack, that was great for storage and comfortable but the bladder was complete crap, leaked and the tube split, the bag only lasted 8 months too before coming unstitched in a fairly dramatic fashion.
    Had an Evoc 16l, didn’t get on with it, Camelback Lobo was good but small


    I use a Fox Oasis.

    Pretty nice, and well made. Only drawback is that the helmet storage flap/straps are laughably small. You’d need a head the size of an orange (and an accompanying small helmet) in order for it to be fit for purpose. It won’t hold an XC lid, far less the full face helmet the ad mentions.

    Otherwise, much cheaper than a camelback and at least as well made.

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    Dakine Amp 12. Does everything I expect of it except the bite valve. Couldn’t open and close it with one hand. If left open would dribble down my leg. Changed it for an Osprey one with the magnet on the sternum strap.


    Aldi 12.99 job. Sodding zips broke today 2mins before I was going to ride so couldn’t zip it shut 🙄

    In fairness I just went anyway and everything stayed in.

    In further fairness, I’ve been using it for two years with no problems so shouldn’t really complain at that price.

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 90 total)

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