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  • jruk

    A Rogue here. Although I really should call it “horrible stinky bag that smells of crap” at the moment. May be forced to wash it again (is twice in two years OK?).

    Premier Icon JoeG

    Osprey Raptor 10 now. Had a couple of Camelbak MULEs prior.


    Camelbak HAWG about 4 years old, and a Dakine Shuttle (was free with a mag sub) for short blasts.


    Camelbak Mule NV for me. Had it for about a year now, great pack plenty of space for an all day ride and light enough not to be a hindrance.

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Dakine drafter

    Wingnut here. Other packs just feel clumpy and annoying with the weight up around my shoulder blades now. That see are lots of other bags with great features and cost less, but I love the fact I don’t notice the Wingnut when riding.

    Used a Camelbak Mayhem for years, it was extraordinarily well put together, I sold it when I was given an Evoc pack as a gift, and there was no sign of wear and tear on it whatsoever.

    Evoc Enduro now, really well made and really confortable.

    Rogan Josh

    Osprey with a bottle not a stupid bag full of water.

    yeah cos a bottle holds loads and doesn’t dig in what so ever!!

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I’ve got an Ergon BX2 I think (with Camlebak bladder), really comfy but internally it’s not very well thought out and difficult to get at stuff. Planning on getting a Camlebak Charge or Volt.

    I’ve used Hydropacks for years

    They last pretty well and used to be cheaper than Camel stuff…..am I the only one 😳

    I recently went from an old Camelbak Mule (with 3l Antidote bladder) to an Osprey Raptor 14. They both great packs but overall the Osprey just takes it. It has some great features (the toolroll in the bottom of the pack – removable if needs be), the little magnet on the hose that attachs to the sternum strap, the ease of getting the bladder in and out. The bladder itself is pretty good too. 14l is big enough for all dayers and the storage pockets on the waist strap are useful to stash Haribo in! It’s wider and doesn’t sit as proud from your back as a fully packed MULE. Pretty impressed overall. YMMV!

    Rogan Josh – seriously? Seems the worst of both worlds. What’s so bad about a bladder? You don’t have to stop to drink, you can hold more, like rob jackson says, it doesn’t dig in & you can use it as a pillow when bivvying.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    North Face Megamouth. A few years old but wearing well. Think i’ve a Cambleback bladder in it. Reckon I’ll go Osprey if/when it dies which will be no time soon. Recently not been wearing a bag, just a quick 2 hour blast near home and haven’t been arsed.

    EVOC 10cc pack for everyday riding, used with a Camelbak 3L bladder. EVOC nice and low profile, plenty big enough for most occasions.

    Camelbak Hawg NV when I want to take my SLR camera or more stuff than I probably need for safety’s sake. Feels huge after wearing my EVOC pack.

    sandwicheater – Member

    North Face Megamouth.

    Is that the one with the solid frame inside? Didn’t much like that.


    Looks like its between a mule and a raptor now…….just got to hold off till after xmas. Otherwise nobodies getting anything.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got an old Camelbak Chaos, it is brilliant but discontinued, not sure you can still get them. Wee bit heavy but tough as old boots, good pockets, nice compact size but still holds a lot of stuff, external straps etc. Nothing I’d change on it I think.


    Camelbak HAWG. Built like a tank and never struggles to fit stuff in it and has compression straps for lighter days.

    Prior to that I had a MULE and it was a choice between Waterproof, Tool/Spares and Lunch. Pick two. 😐

    £67 at Merlin

    Premier Icon DezB

    Another Osprey Raptor here.
    Bite valve not quite as good as Camelbak but the pack is much better.

    Premier Icon smett72

    Deuter Race EXP Air and Lowepro Sport 200

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Dakine drafter

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Wingnut here too.
    Love it.


    I have too many hydration packs (my wife tells me).

    Use a Camelbak Rogue for local/trail centre rides

    Got an Osprey Raptor 10 for when I need to carry more kit/clothing and an old HAWG NV for all day rides.

    Also got a Source hydration pack when hardly ever gets used.


    I’ve had a dakine nomad for years and it’s great. Comfy and has enough space, plus the bladder/hose is good.I like how you can easily carry a helmet on it as well.


    Dakine Nomad, is good.


    Camelbak Octane XCT – really lightweight but still takes what I need for a full day’s riding including a 3L reservoir. Also, it has hip/side pockets which I find really useful on the bike meaning that you can access things without having to always take the pack off.

    Dakine Nomad


    Dakine Shuttle


    Camelback Chaos which is as mentioned above is brilliant.

    Camelback Rogue (v. old) which is rubbish, no waist strap so it moves around a lot.

    Berghaus Vapour (15L), which has some nice features, but must be the least waterproof pack ever, it’s hardly even showerproof. Like all Berghaus rucksacks I’ve had, it has annoying flaws, that make you wonder if they ever tested it outside the design office.

    North Face Hammerhead(camo) getting on for 5years old now still going strong got a source bladder in at mo prob go for osprey next(not anytime soon)

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Camelbak rogue for short trips, hawg nv for everything else (not just riding) great bag. The new volt LR with the bladder set low down has perked my interest though.

    Dear Santa, I’ve be a reasonably good boy this year….

    Yours, a camelbak fanboi.


    Osprey Viper for most duties, excellent packs with some neat features.

    Premier Icon Gaz.dick

    I got the Lezyne Great Divide.
    The bag itself I love, the bladder has since been replaced.

    Big enough for my days out so far! – Sturdy enough too!

    Premier Icon benmotogp46

    Evoc 10cc. Perfect bag for all occasions.

    I also have a Camelbak Rogue which has been great.

    Evoc 10cc. Perfect bag for all occasions.

    + 1.

    Cannot fault mine, as already mentioned its nice & low-profile.


    Camelbak Hawg NV uf it’s a long enough ride to justify a bladder otherwise nowt.

    Comfortable even when stuffed and on hot days
    Always tempting to take too much stuff
    Bladder can be a faff to get back in with a fullish bag


    Surely it’s not which is most popular but which is best??? Evoc FR 16l, love it.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Camelbak Unbottle in a tiny Berghaus pack. Cold water on hot days is nice, not sure it’s worth the weight of the extra padding though.

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