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  • thepodge

    The bite valve on those is really poor, I ended up swapping mine for a camelbak bite valve.

    Yeah – would prefer a clear bladder, the blue Camelbak ones can hide some nasties.

    Need a new bladder for my bag, was going to get this 2L EVOC one


    but noticed this Nathan branded one


    Both have a “Hydrapak” logo on them and look very similar, but the Nathan one is cheaper – do Hydrapak make stuff for lots of companies?

    More importantly, are they any good?


    Hydrapak make bladders for Dakine, and probably others.

    Like thepodge said, the bite valves get manky quite quickly. The bladders are good though, not as sturdy as camelbak but I much prefer the sealing system.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    I’ve got a Hydrapak in my Dakine. Good bladder, easy to remove the tube, the valve seals on the bladder. The bite valve was bloody useless. Two hands to turn it on or off, if left on it used to dribble down my leg. Swapped the bite valve for an Osprey one with the magnetic clip. Size was different but that was solved by PTFE tape.

    Are the Osprey bladders any cop? CRC have those too.

    I have a 2l camelbak antidote bladder with quick link – used but sterile and frozen. £12 posted

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    A mate has an Osprey. They don’t hold the stated capacity. His 2l is really only a 1.5l at best. Not much of a problem really.

    Easy to fill, not so easy to clean if you put powders in. With the stiff back to the bladder easier to get in to a pack. Some people don’t like the stiff back on their back. I didn’t notice much difference when I tried it on. The bite valve is good. Doesn’t dribble. Handy with the magnet on the chest strap rather than clipping it into the usual clip on the shoulder strap.

    Only downside to all bladders except Camelbak is that stockists are more limited. You can get anything online. But if you turn up at a trail center shop or an event and need spares, everyone will stick Camelbak.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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