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  • Hyde Park – Cheap Hotels nearby
  • Ive just got tickets to see Pearl Jam in July at Hyde Park and was wondering if anyone with London knowledge could recommend of a half decent reasonably priced hotel nearby (within walking distance/taxi to said event).

    Ive had a look at a few but they seem astronomical for one night.

    Much apprecicated people.

    Cheap? Near the Parks? When there's a big gig on? You'll be lucky!

    Try the Premier Inn by County Hall. Cheap, central and not too bad in a taxi (Assuming you can find one after the gig!)

    If not, there are plenty of cheap(ish) hotels on Warwick Way and elsewhere around Victoria, well within walking distance of the Park.


    Try the BEdford hotels down Southampton row.

    Try I m8 goes to London on business a lot and he gets top hotels very cheap, often £40 4-5 star hotels.

    Cheers gents.


    Try the Travel Lodge site. Loads of cheap rooms all over the city.


    I stayed in a cheap 3* hotel just north of the Bayswater road. A 3 minute walk from Hyde Park and cost about £40 for a single (breakfast was extra). Sorry, can't even remember the name of the site we used to book it, let alone the name of the hotel, but rest assured that cheap accomodation is available so long as you aren't too fussy about quality of the place you are staying.


    A few years back,I worked in London for a 4 month spell & stayed in a nice hotel, very reasonably priced, on Sussex Gardens, on the corner of Talbot Square

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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