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  • Hybrid CO2 canister and pump – recommendations wanted
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    I have a neat little C02 canister tyre inflator, but once the canister is opened it only hold pressure for a few hours. So although great for fixing a puncture it is no good for adding a few extra PSI when they are needed.

    Can anyone recommend a canister inflator or even better hybrid canister/pump that will hold pressure over a longer period?

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    I’ve been very impressed with this:


    Well worth watching the instruction video


    You won’t learn anything, but it’s still well worth watching…..


    I’ve got mountain pipe but it’s for fixing punctures. I use a track pump at home and don’t change tyre pressure while out on a ride.

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    Thanks for the replies. I also received the following information from tech support at Genuine Innovations in the States

    We’ve performed several tests regarding leakage and, on average, the co2 will remain in the cartridge after puncturing for about 6 months. Of course, you must leave the cartridge attached to the Proflate Elite. In fact, as long as there is pressure in the cartridge, the safety feature of the Elite won’t allow you to remove the cup. It is pretty much the same with all our co2 inflators, too.

    We don’t guarantee the co2 will last that long due to dust, dirt and physics (the molecules are pretty small so they will escape over time.)

    Personally, I carry a spare cartridge, but I’ve never been let down. There was always some left over so I could top off.

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