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  • Hunt trailwide hub service,,, how?
  • oreetmon
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    Need info on how to service them I may have missed it but can’t seem to find it on hunt site, YouTube etc.

    250miles/2mnths old and the free hub (pawls/ratchet?) started skipping under power last night on the way home.

    Last week I found that the end caps had loosened after a couple of wet night rides and I’m hoping that a bit of Shoite has got in and it just needs a clean.

    Hopefully sort the problem myself rather than mess about sending wheel back under warranty.

    Any advice much appreciated

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    That new I think I’d probably warranty it

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    True, but,
    I’m concerned that it may be dismissed as user error.

    If end caps loosening has caused ingress of shoite then it could be argued that it is my fault.

    If I can service it and all is well then it’s a problem avoided.

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    They’re just rebadged Novatec hubs, IIRC, so if you search for how to service those you might find something.


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    End caps shouldn’t loosen though. Hunt are very good for CS, ping them a FB message now and you might even get a response by the time you head for a snooze!

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    Just figured out how to dismantle hub, it’s not looking good.

    Have pinged hunt, will up date after contact.

    I don’t do Facebook.

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    A mate had the freehub fail on his Hunt wheels.
    Hunt sorted it quickly when they looked at the hub as it had a manufacturing defect.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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