Hunt or Scribe carbon road wheels

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  • Hunt or Scribe carbon road wheels
  • cultsdave

    Been mulling over a set of carbon hoops for the roadie for a while. The 2 brands that stick out due to affordability are Hunt and Scribe. Heard good things about Hunt but not heard anything about Scribe.
    Anyone with opinions either way or even throw in a 3rd option!


    I’ve got a set of Hunt Disc 50’s. I’ve done about 2000 miles on them so far – they feel good (a much smoother ride than my alu wheelsets), tubeless setup was painless, and they’ve taken a few harsh pothole whacks without flinching. They feel fast to me, but I haven’t ridden any other carbon wheels to compare.

    Only negative experience I had was when the carbon rim void filled with water when I was caught out on a biblically wet day!

    Premier Icon richardkennerley

    Can’t recommend anything, but I’ve been looking at JRA wheels as an option for a future upgrade. Not the carbon ones for me but they do them


    Hunt wheels look nice and they’re cheap, but not at all aero, in fact some of the worst performing ‘aero’ wheels out there!


    I analysed that data. Don’t get too excited about the order of the wheels. Basically deeper is more aero, but Variability was such that precise order on a class can’t be calculated. That’s it. I like HED for the alloy rim braking. But Hunt have a good reputation.


    I got some farsports ones (25 x 30mm) for my supersix and it was a bit of a mixed bag compared to Askiums. Uphill, amazing. Along the flat, feel a bit faster. Downhill, bike feels less stable due to light weight and brakes are “grabby”. They are really stiff too so need about 10psi less to get the same comfort.

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