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  • Huge thanks to the Bike Garage @ Bamford
  • tomj

    Thought id just give a huge thankyou to the guy there ror helping me out and lifting the black dog off my shoulder. given I had a day off and a bit of discussion on here I headed off to the Peaks to ride Cut Gate. Ive never really ridden in the Peaks before so plan was to park at Fairholmes, head up to Slippery Stones and Cut Gate, come back and maybe add Derwent Edge in if I felt like it. All was going well, ticked off the road miles round thTte reservoir quicker than I expected. Even rode more of the climb (not the steps obviously) than I thought. Was just going up the flagstone bit when I thought things sounded odd, then the wheel locked. A broken spoke on the rear. Being by myself discression was the better part of valour and I couldn’t really risk further breakage out on the moors. So reluctantly I turned back, gingerly down the descent and along the track to the car. Gutted wasn’t the word. I hadn’t driven 90min for a pleasent pootle round a lake.

    I grumpily threw the bike in the car and drove off towards Castleton or Edale to get some lunch and Jane a little stroll up Mam Tor or something so my day off wasn’t entirely wasted. Coming out of Bamford I saw a garden centre advertising ‘The Bike Garage – sales, hire, repair’. Got to be worth a try I thought although given the pensioners trickling round the car park I wasn’t hopeful. But no bother he said he could fix it there and then whilst I waited. Took maybe 30min whilst he also sorted out another customer and a very reasonable price. He even gave me some route advice as well for an afternoon ride.
    So with a fixed bike I went back to Ladybower, up Crock Hill, Lockerbroom and down the Gores Farm descent then up Derwent Edge to Winstone Lee Tor and back to the inn. Feeling good I headed off down the lanes and tracks to Aston, up Win Hill to Hope Cross and back to the reservoir (I walked a fair bit of that!). The track back to the dam wasn’t as flat as I’d have expected!!

    So thanks to the shop my day was salvaged. It wasn’t the remote singletrack moorland epic id planned but TBH given I thought I wouldn’t ride at all made it all the sweeter and it’s one of the best days riding this year. It’s definitely whetted my appetite and I definitely want to go back to Cut Gate again.

    So thanks again!

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