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  • Hubtalk, best value/universal/rebuildabe/futureproof hubs
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    I have acquired a set of 27.5 rims enduro/gnarrcore/trail I have wanted for a while and want to build up a set of awesome wheels. Current bike A is boost, ,bike B is non boost, 142/100. but I notice super boost on the way in.

    So is there a convertible hub from non boost, to boost, to super boost?

    Or should I just get the standard novatec boost and build for my current enduro bike which was new about a month ago?

    Too many options.

    Whats a good hub, guide me.

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    Too many options.

    Pretty much it really. DT Swiss 350 for me for the best value decent hub. No idea about some kind of super boost but does everything else.

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    something with interchangeable end-caps would give you the best chance of standard-change-proofing your wheels but won’t help if the change requires a re-dish of the rim. Hope and DT Swiss would be good bets in this regard.

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    I can’t comment on overall quality as i don’t have others to compare them to (other than bog-standard OEM jobbies) but my Hope Pro 4’s can be set up in most configurations.

    The key though is you can ‘boost’ the regular hubs with end caps & spacers, but can’t ‘un-boost’ if you start with the boost-specific hubs. I was caught out by that recently as I got over-excited and bought a fork without checking, and ended up having to buy a non-boost front wheel as a result which made it less of a good deal!

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    No idea about futureproof and no idea about super-boost…

    But DT hubs are fine. If you have the money: DT 350

    Customer-support / answering of technical questions and similar: DT Swiss is very good with that.

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    I would be looking at something like dt or hope.

    My ebike has dt hubs, no problems at all.

    my surly has hope, no problems at all.

    and i am pretty heavy and reasonably strong, although not that fit.

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    Some DT Swiss hubs can have different end caps, but check because some can’t – then you’re into aftermarket spacer kits.

    Hope normal (non boost) hubs can be non boost or boost with end caps Hope can provide.

    I thhink ‘super-boost’ is only on the back wheel and maybe it’s just Pivot that are currently marketing / using it. At the moment I couldn’t get very excited about it – wheels are still as they are.

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    yeah after this thread and a good search I think I am resigned to just getting normal boost hubs.

    Hmm no love for novatec then?

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    Its down to Hope Pro4 v DT Swiss 350 and Hope wins it for me because of the cost of different axle adaptors and them being more readily available from Hope. I have used 350s and they are a great hub, but spendy and a pain to convert to different axle sizes/widths.

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    As said, if you’re going to switch between bikes you can make ‘normal’ hubs wider, but can’t make boost narrower. And Hope do OEM end caps to do this.

    Very small sample of 1, so approaching hair product advertising levels of accuracy, but after being a Hope man for all my life I built up some DTs this year. Bearings are rough after 6 months dry summer.

    I’ll be sticking with Hope in the future.

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    ime Halo hubs are very under-rated. Every bit as good as Hope in use imo and based on my preferred top-end TW hub supplier (it’s not Novatec, though they make some good stuff). Bearings were fine, service at Ison is excellent and if the VFMs there and they have the spares and upgrades that you need available, go for it. I have a 6D rear hub on one of my bikes, have been through a set of bearings on it, found servicing it a doddle and I’d buy another. My MTB SS has a Hope and the other bike has a 240s. Overall I like the 240 most – best freehub ratchet design.

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