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    hmm yeah interesting. Wonder how heavy those wheels have to be to stand a bit of kerb/pothole abuse, afaik the hub/spokes thing is one of the most weight efficient ways of wheel building. Is the front tyre solid aswell? if not a flat could be disastrous.

    Nice idea tho


    Neat – but you’re still left with 2 big round things, same as with a standard wheel.

    Taking away the hub and spokes doesn’t save much as they were contained within the big round thing anyway.

    Maybe if you could hinge the wheel somehow so it folded in on itself? But then that would even further reduce its strength.

    Nice idea but I’m afraid I’m out.

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    This looks interesting!

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    Looks better than I was expecting, but then my expectations weren’t high. At least there is some point to the hubless design in this case – though I’m less than convinced it provides all the claimed benefits – usually hubless bicycles seem to be the result of an exercise by a design student who has also discarded every other tried and tested part of a standard bicycle in favour of something worse.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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